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June 14, 2024

See inside Michigan Avenue's new luxury apartment tower 1000M

April 12, 2024

Time Equities Buys Texas Student Housing Asset

February 23, 2024

PODCAST: David Becker on The Deal Ranch w/ Matt Lutz

February 7, 2024

Michigan Avenue tower 1000M to get its first residents

January 29, 2024

Developers launch preleasing for 1000M

January 16, 2024

Time Equities JV Buys Kansas City Shopping Center

December 13, 2023

Art Omi Pavilions Secures a $2 Million Grant from The Market New York/Regional Economic Councils to Ignite Art and Tourism in Chatham

November 15, 2023

Elected officials, Greenburger Center break ground on Hope House after 10-year wait

October 31, 2023

Time Equities Inc. Acquires Las Vegas Retail Center for $10.375M

September 19, 2023

A SoHo Area's Retail Status May Offer a Glimpse of What's Happening Citywide

September 13, 2023

Four Neglected Parts of Midtown Could Transform Under Adams Rezoning Plan

August 31, 2023

Broker Spotlight: Javier Lattanzio, Time Equities Brokerage

July 24, 2023

Time Equities Inc. Unveils Vision for Emerald Park, its Ultra-Luxury Apartment Community in Panama City Beach, FL

July 11, 2023

1000M Nears Topping Out In South Loop

May 10, 2023

Time Equities pays $44M for Boynton Beach Town Square assemblage

May 4, 2023

Oleo-X Launches Merchant Pretreatment Facility for Renewable Diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel Feedstocks

April 19, 2023

Women in Real Estate & Property Management Ft. Nadja Galloway

April 3, 2023

GlobeSt.’s 2023 Best Bosses - Andrey Harmaty

April 3, 2023

GlobeSt.’s 2023 Best Bosses - Natalie Diaz

February 13, 2023

What Challenges Does 2023 Pose for the Condo Market?

February 3, 2023

Bridgeport, Conn.: ‘A Diamond in the Rough’ Reinventing Itself

December 5, 2022

The 28 Most Beautiful Places in the Caribbean, From Jamaica's Waterfalls to the Streets of Cuba

November 28, 2022

New York Investor Buys Shopping Center Near Chicago Bears' Proposed Suburban Stadium

November 7, 2022

Inside a $37.6 Million NYC Penthouse With Unobstructed Views of the Entire City

October 17, 2022

Notable HR Leaders 2022

October 7, 2022

Multifamily Influencers

October 3, 2022

Publix moving forward with development at Foothills Mall

September 16, 2022

New Jaime Brown Mural Painted Live at Milwaukee Night Market

September 6, 2022

New York firm purchases Paradise Village Office Park for $43M

May 23, 2022

Op-Ed: The Meaning of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court Nomination by Natalie Diaz

April 26, 2022

Time Equities Inc.’s Altamer in Anguilla promotes Moira Masshardt to General Manager

April 26, 2022

Time Equities Acquires Retail, Warehouse Portfolio in Anchorage for $44M

March 28, 2022

Building a Strong Company Culture to Retain Talent

March 28, 2022

New York’s Class B and C Office Owners Mull Flex to Fill Space

March 23, 2022

Luxury Residential Buildings with Stunning Pet Amenities

January 25, 2022

Developers to Begin Vertical Construction of 73-Story Apartment High-Rise in Chicago

January 8, 2022

College Square Mall reports strong sales

December 26, 2021

Full-Service Luxury and Expansive Outdoor Space Lead Amenity Trends for 2022

December 14, 2021

Time Equities, JK Equities, and Oak Capitals’ 1000 South Michigan (1000M) to recommence construction as rental tower

December 13, 2021

Altamer's 13,000 Square-Foot Villa, Blue Diamond, is Fully Renovated and Now Open

December 9, 2021

Jahn building in downtown Chicago gets $305M loan to restart construction

November 29, 2021

Spa Amenities That Make A Residence In New York And Miami

October 7, 2021

Op-Ed | The private sector must stand up for voting rights

October 4, 2021

Inside the Boardroom: Francis Greenburger

September 21, 2021

How the Commercial Rent Stabilization Act will damage NYC’s economy

September 21, 2021

Where Relaxation Amenities Go Beyond the Norm

September 14, 2021

Kathy Hochul Gets High Marks for Now From the Real Estate Industry

August 24, 2021

Andrew Cuomo Built a Reputation for Building

August 20, 2021

The Most In-Demand Spa Amenities Entice Homebuyers

August 6, 2021

What the Delta Variant Means for Return to Office

August 3, 2021

TEI Wind Energy Signs PPA with NextEra Energy Resources

July 29, 2021

Luxury, art and coffee: Apartment complex brings life to West Palm Beach area

July 22, 2021

In the Push To Lease Manhattan Office Space, B Stands for Better Deals

June 24, 2021

Top NYC towers are keeping it classy with new educational perks

June 21, 2021

Francis Greenburger Op-ed | Put mental health of athletes ahead of public relations priorities

June 14, 2021

Is There Space for Surging Modern Ground Lease Interest?

May 17, 2021

Investors Protest Biden’s Plan to Limit 1031 Exchanges

May 13, 2021

Rental-to-condo conversions drop 80% after 2019 rent law:

May 10, 2021

Transformational Technology in the Built World w/Francis Greenburger

May 6, 2021

In New York, a Wait-and-See Attitude Even With a Reopening

April 27, 2021

Shoppers Return to Malls, With an Urge to Spend

April 21, 2021

Huge American Real Estate Group Buys Bolton Shopping Park

April 21, 2021

Francis Greenburger on The Billion Dollar Club - 4/21/21 @ 6PM EST

April 8, 2021

Brix at Midtown purchased by New York real estate group

April 7, 2021

Time Equities acquires Trenton multi-housing portfolio for $28.85M

April 6, 2021

Sustainable hotels to book for Earth Day

March 25, 2021

Lobby art sucks, but these NYC buildings are redrawing the rules

February 26, 2021

10 Powerful Women Share Lessons Learned as Female Leaders from the COVID Crisis

February 19, 2021

CBRE brokers $10.7m sale of 136,531 s/f 187 Danbury Rd.

February 2, 2021

Next Gen HQ - Momentum Audio Podcast w/ Francis Greenburger

January 22, 2021

INTERVIEW: David Becker with Lockton Companies - The Current & Future State of Real Estate

January 8, 2021

Senate flip: 5 real estate takeaways

January 7, 2021

Real estate industry denounces “insurrection” in DC

January 6, 2021

The Antilles Pearl - Altamer Anguilla

December 24, 2020

Outdoor Space, Home Offices, and Health Perks Will Dominate Amenities in 2021

December 22, 2020

This Is What a Multifamily Property Looks Like During COVID-19 and Beyond

December 17, 2020

This Historic NYC Townhouse Has a Fascinating Past

December 15, 2020

Staying Home For The Holidays: How Developments Are Helping Residents Celebrate

December 12, 2020

We're Teaming Up for Sane Change with NY Giants Isaac Yiadom

December 7, 2020

30 Winter Escapes We're Dreaming Of This Year

November 19, 2020

Thanksgiving Amenities in Residential Developments

November 11, 2020

Rethinking America’s Shopping Traditions

November 9, 2020

Biden and Commercial Real Estate: 4 Intersections to Watch

November 8, 2020

Luxury Residential Is Not the Most Lucrative Safe Haven, but It Can Have Multiple Upsides

November 4, 2020

Anguilla To Remote Workers: If You Can Work From Anywhere, Why Not Our Island?

October 21, 2020

Retailers, Mall Landlords Prepare for Holiday Shopping Season Like No Other

October 19, 2020

5 Surprising Second Acts for Dying Malls

September 29, 2020

Property Lines: Picking Sides On the Real Estate Policies of Biden and Trump

September 24, 2020

Retailers have started paying rent again but are still fighting with their landlords

September 18, 2020

Empty malls are getting some surprising new tenants

September 18, 2020

The list of countries where travelers can go live and work remotely is growing

September 13, 2020

New York Sees Its Last Rental Conversions After Passage Of Tenant Protection Law

September 9, 2020

VIRTUAL SPIRIT SERIES WEBINAR: Explaining Our Equity Department - A Five Decade Story w/Richard Viest | Wednesday, September 9th @ 1PM EST

September 4, 2020

Coronavirus ‘pandemic clauses’ in retail leases are a must-have, but landlords are at-risk

August 25, 2020

The Upside of Remote Learning and Earning: Doing it from Not-at-Home

August 25, 2020

Origin Stories: Natalie Diaz's Degrees In Art And History Have Been Surprisingly Useful In CRE

August 21, 2020

Live, Work & Play in Anguilla, the #1 Caribbean Island with 0 COVID cases

August 18, 2020

VIRTUAL SPIRIT SERIES WEBINAR: TEI Financial Market w/ Atif Ali | Wednesday, August 19th @ 1PM EST

August 6, 2020

OPINION: A Housing Policy to Stimulate the New York Economy

August 6, 2020

First Impressions of What It’s Like to Be Back in the Office

August 5, 2020

VIRTUAL SPIRIT SERIES WEBINAR: Design Innovation w/ Naomi Schenck | Wednesday, August 5th @ 1PM EST copy

July 23, 2020

55 Fifth Avenue Gets a New Website! |

July 22, 2020

VIRTUAL SPIRIT SERIES WEBINAR: NYC Office Portfolio Updates w/ Brian Soto | Wednesday, July 22nd @ 12:30PM EST

July 22, 2020

WEBINAR: The Pulse of Opportunistic Real Estate

July 21, 2020

16 Factors To Help Determine The Right Property Price

July 9, 2020

Why New York Landlords See Flexible Office Leases as the Future

July 8, 2020

VIRTUAL SPIRIT SERIES WEBINAR: Retail Portfolio Updates w/ Ami Ziff | Wednesday, July 8th @ 1PM EST

July 7, 2020

Resort-style apartments opening just south of downtown West Palm Beach

July 5, 2020

With Department Stores Disappearing, Malls Could Be Next

June 29, 2020

Curbside pickup is great for everyone, but it's a headache for malls

June 29, 2020

As Brokerage Re-Opens, Will Sales Follow?

June 25, 2020

WEBINAR: Navigating 1031 Exchange Investments in Today’s World w/ Alex Anderson

June 24, 2020

VIRTUAL SPIRIT SERIES WEBINAR: Diversity in the Workplace w/ Natalie Diaz | Wednesday, June 24th @ 1PM EST

June 17, 2020

VIRTUAL SPIRIT SERIES WEBINAR: Back-to-Office Safety Plan & Canadian Portfolio Updates w/ Rick Recny | Wednesday, June 17th @ 1PM EST

June 12, 2020

NYC's Outer Suburbs Gain an Edge for Office Space Post-COVID-19

June 11, 2020

Global Leaders in Real Estate Spotlight: Francis Greenburger

June 10, 2020

VIRTUAL SPIRIT SERIES WEBINAR: Mortgage & Finance w/ Dan Levitt | Wednesday, June 10th @ 1PM EST

June 5, 2020

The Weight We Carry: A Black Woman’s Lament on the State of the Nation

June 4, 2020

Navigating Rental Leases in NYC During COVID: Negotiating, Re-signing, Moving

June 4, 2020

Luxury Developers Ramp Up Virtual Offerings for Stir-Crazy Renters

June 2, 2020

Not Just Lip Service: Real Estate Promises Change Following George Floyd’s Death

June 2, 2020

Op-ed | Is There Any Justice Left in America?

June 1, 2020

VIRTUAL SPIRIT SERIES WEBINAR: National Retail w/ Jonathan Kim | Wednesday, June 3rd @ 1PM EST

May 27, 2020

Francis Greenburger Op-Ed: Government Solution is Needed for Property Owners and Renters

May 27, 2020

The Market For Flexible Rentals Sees Unprecedented Surge

May 26, 2020

PODCAST: Francis Greenburger on Real Estate Investing Live From New York

May 25, 2020

VIRTUAL SPIRIT SERIES WEBINAR: Acquisitions + Asset Management w/ Bobby Cohan | Wednesday, May 27th @ 1PM EST

May 25, 2020

Apartment Buildings Rush to Improve Air Quality Ahead of a Summer Spent Indoors

May 22, 2020

The Office Apocalypse is Not Here, Yet

May 14, 2020

How Landlords and Tenants Can Collaborate on Successful Store Reopenings, Including Rent

May 14, 2020

Company CEOs on Making Decisions From the World’s Shortest Commute

May 10, 2020

The Lessons Real Estate Leaders Have Learned From The Coronavirus Pandemic

May 10, 2020

‘This Is The Moment’: Tenant Advocates Look To Use Economic Pain To Make Gains

May 9, 2020

Staggered Schedules? Partitions? Office Life in NYC Will Look Different When You Return

May 7, 2020

Working Out at Home Without Annoying Your Neighbors

May 7, 2020

Eviction Ban Not Enough for Tenants or Landlords, Some Say

May 6, 2020

Real Estate Pros and Foes Clash on Rent Strike, COVID Response

April 14, 2020

25 Best Books to Read During Coronavirus Lockdown, According to Business Leaders

April 8, 2020

One Landlord Lukewarm On The Cares Act and Rent Relief

January 8, 2020

Why You Might Be Spending More Time in Westown Soon

December 30, 2019

The Tables I Sit At Are Starting To Look More Diverse: An Insider Talks Female Empowerment In Real Estate

December 30, 2019

The It List: What's Buzzy In Home, Shelter & Real Estate This Season

December 26, 2019

Mapping the 33 High-Rises Under Construction in Chicago

December 13, 2019

Real Estate And Architecture Year In Review And A Preview of 2020

December 5, 2019

Five Priciest Homes New to Market Include 1897 Townhouse

November 14, 2019

Time Equities Promotes Craig Mitnick to SVP of Finance

November 7, 2019

PODCAST: Entrepreneurship: Taking Intelligent Risks with Francis Greenburger

November 6, 2019

Time Equities Breaks Ground on Tallest Tower on Michigan Avenue in Chicago

October 30, 2019

Bergman Real Estate Group and Time Equities Unveil Signature Sculpture Art Collection at Century Campus

October 25, 2019

Time Equities Adds Artistic Touch in Manhattan

October 18, 2019

PODCAST: Building a Multi-Billion Dollar Portfolio, Syndicating Your First CRE Deal at Age 15, & Learning From The Best in The Biz with Max Pastor of Time Equities

October 7, 2019

Op-Ed: How the New Rent Regulations Impact Us All

October 6, 2019

Hobby Lobby to Open Macomb Mall Store Monday

October 3, 2019

Time Equities Expands Investment in the Northwest

September 27, 2019

Doors Open Milwaukee Being Held This Weekend, Drawing Attention to City Landmarks

September 24, 2019

Key to the City: MKE Opens Doors Sept. 28-29

September 12, 2019

Football Sundays: Luxury Developments with the Best Entertainment Spaces to Watch the Game

September 10, 2019

TEI Acquires Industrial Park in Indianapolis for $6.9M

September 10, 2019

A Look at the New Skyscrapers That Will Forever Change Chicago's Skyline

September 1, 2019

Growing Tech Firm Snaps Up Full Floor at East Side Building

August 28, 2019

WeWorks Largest Markets Brace For IPO Impact

August 16, 2019

Altamer is BACK!

August 12, 2019

A Boy Entrepreneur Makes it Big in Global Real Estate

August 9, 2019

Downtown building owner brings German mural artist to Milwaukee's 310W

August 5, 2019

PODCAST: Francis Greenburger - Perseverance and the Downturn Advantage

July 28, 2019

These NYC Residences Have Storied Histories

July 23, 2019

Upgrade of 310W Building in Westown District Sees Boost for Economic Development Downtown

July 17, 2019

Westown Association Moving to 310W Office Building

July 16, 2019

Bergman Real Estate Group Brings New Co-Working Space to Whippany

July 5, 2019

Time Equities Adds Community to Grand Rapids Skyline

July 3, 2019

Art Omi's Annual Country Brunch

July 3, 2019

At Trib Tower, Testing the Waters on Price

July 2, 2019

Underfunded Reserves: The Dangers of Running Short

July 1, 2019

Apps For Success: Simplifying Work Orders With Tech

June 30, 2019

The Caribbean Islands That Are Trending This Year

June 28, 2019

Monroe North Adds to Burgeoning Skyline

June 27, 2019

Foothills Mall Steps Up With New Flooring

June 24, 2019

NYC Rent Law Could Shave 25% Value From Rental Housing (Radio)

June 24, 2019

Private Equity Fees Are Ripe For The Vanguard Effect (Podcast)

June 18, 2019

Collateral Damage? Real Estate Sounds Alarm on Rent Regs' Impact on Condos, 421a

June 6, 2019

Selling Wellness, Whether It Works or Not

June 5, 2019

Stunning Outdoor Living Rooms for Summer

June 4, 2019

Residential Developments with Next Generation Wellness Amenities

June 3, 2019

9 Luxury Residential Properties Designed for Wine Enthusiasts

May 26, 2019

Paychex Consolidating Suburban Offices in Move to Highland Hills

May 24, 2019

True Real Estate Legacy Is Strengthening The Fabric of Our Communities

May 20, 2019

10 Under 40: Retail Real Estate's Rising Stars

May 1, 2019

Has #MeToo Changed The Real Estate Industry?

April 23, 2019

Mr. Francis Greenburger Tells About Altamer Resort Project

April 18, 2019

How Human Behavior Drives CRE Technology (Francis Greenburger)

April 16, 2019

PODCAST: The Diversified, Long-term Strategy That Allowed a Teenager to Become a Successful Commercial Real Estate Investor

April 12, 2019

The new class of skyscrapers that will forever change the Chicago skyline

April 11, 2019

Instagram Influencers Are Marketing Chicago Condos

April 10, 2019

Post-Hurricanes, This Captivating Caribbean Island Is Back in Business

April 9, 2019

Francis J. Greenburger + ART OMI

April 4, 2019

Luxury Buildings with Over-the-Top Pup-Friendly Amenities

April 4, 2019

Making the most of 300 square feet: Micro-unit apartments and condos becoming more common in Chicago

March 15, 2019

Art Omi Names Winners of 2019 Francis J. Greenburger Award

March 15, 2019

Time Equities acquires Bridgeport Trade and Tech Center for $13.85 million

March 14, 2019

Why You Should Travel to Anguilla Now

March 6, 2019

Women in Real Estate - Natalie Diaz Feature

February 27, 2019

Time Equities Adds to Its Holdings in Bridgeport

February 25, 2019

Navigating the Future of Caribbean Vacations

February 19, 2019

What's Coming to the Caribbean

February 15, 2019

ForbesBooks Podcast with Francis Greenburger

February 12, 2019

Time Equities Adds to Cleveland-Area Office Presence

February 11, 2019

Anguilla's Altamer Resort Unveils New Renovations for Reopening

February 8, 2019

South Loop's building boom: A look at 3 residential towers set to open soon

February 6, 2019

Barclays Lends $66M on Time Equities Miami Industrial Assets Portfolio

February 5, 2019

Anguilla Makes A Big Comeback

February 3, 2019

Macomb Mall a case study in still-kicking mall retail

January 31, 2019

1000M tower plans micro apartments, 2019 construction

January 11, 2019

Checking In on the Residences at Prince: Three Condos Remain at NoLita's Old St. Patrick's School Conversion

January 7, 2019

Big ticket acquisition makes New York developers new player in Bridgeport

January 5, 2019

The Weekender: Anguilla

January 3, 2019

Francis Greenburger Recounts Teaming Up with Trump to Oppose SALT Tax Changes

January 2, 2019

How the Co-op King of New York Earned His Crown (Podcast)

December 27, 2018

Multiple Terraces Make These New York City Residences As Different As All Outdoors

December 19, 2018

These were the hottest NYC neighborhoods of 2018

December 17, 2018

Luxury Residential Building Developers Explore The Art of Curb Appeal

December 6, 2018

Paul Massey, Francis Greenburger, Simon Ziff On 'Making It' In CRE

November 28, 2018

10-building Innovation Center in Bridgeport sells for $7.9M

November 21, 2018

Elevating Home Technology From Smart to Genius

November 20, 2018

Former Marsh Store in Castleton Area Lands New Tenant

November 20, 2018

Time Equities Buys Two Properties in Kansas City, Missouri for Nearly $21 Million

October 31, 2018

Shout It From The Rooftops: The Shifting Ethos Atop Buildings

October 30, 2018

How Do High-End Properties Shake Up Spa Treatments? Salt Therapy

October 26, 2018

Out of the Gallery, Into the Street

October 25, 2018

CARW crowns its 2018 real estate deals of the year

October 22, 2018

Stay Salty: Residences that Practice Salt Therapy

October 22, 2018

Real Estate Forum's 50 Under 40

October 19, 2018

Residential skyscrapers on the rise in Manhattan's Financial District

October 12, 2018

This tax bill would be a massive win for condo developers, if it ever makes a vote

October 4, 2018

The Residences at Prince / Marvel Architects

October 1, 2018

True Skool, Brew City Mike, and The Hope among winners of the 2018 Achievement Awards

October 1, 2018

What would Tish James do?

September 20, 2018

Energy Stars Higher Bar

September 17, 2018

Time Equities Expands European Footprint with $57 Million Italian Debt Purchase

September 10, 2018

6 Caribbean Developments to Watch

August 30, 2018

Developer 'tops off' apartment building downtown

August 27, 2018

Luxury Amenities in Vertical VIllages

August 24, 2018

Here's what $700K buys around NYC right now

August 22, 2018

Developer: Value Retail Still Drives Center Success

August 17, 2018

Texture Marbles In Bathrooms Exude Luxury

August 13, 2018

The Woodmont Company Boosts Columbia

August 13, 2018

Time Equities Acquires Shopping Center in Southwest Florida for $15.5M

July 30, 2018

Theres Always a Seat for You at These Residents-Only Bars and Restaurants

July 30, 2018

Manhattans luxe resi market notched 26 contracts last week: Olshan

July 25, 2018

Hotels Opening in Caribbean After Hurricane

July 24, 2018

Tour an $11.9 Million Prince Street Duplex

July 21, 2018

Commercial real estate industry healthy, but execs expect a slowdown

July 20, 2018

An Artful Hudson Valley Landscape at Art Omi

July 17, 2018

Property Investors Scrounge Through Retail Ruins for Bargains

July 15, 2018

Setting the Standard in Intentional Design

June 29, 2018

Best Residences Around The Nation To Watch July Fourth Fireworks

May 29, 2018

Modern Master

May 26, 2018


May 17, 2018

New York-based company buys Shops at Fox River for $32 million

May 16, 2018

A Run-Down of Brooklyn's New Townhouse Rows: Cherished Building Style Meets Modern Livin

May 16, 2018

Time Equities Closes TEI Diversified Income & Opportunity Fund III

May 14, 2018

Caribbeans New Marketing Campaign Is Launching Ahead of 2018 Hurricane Season

May 11, 2018


May 8, 2018

This Week's Chicago Deal Sheet

May 3, 2018

Mid-America Arranges $32 Million Sale of Retail Center in McHenry, Illinois

May 3, 2018

Illinois Power Center

May 3, 2018

Suburban shopping center sells for $32 million

May 2, 2018

McHenry shopping center sold for $32 million

May 2, 2018

Time Equities Buys Ill. Retail Power Center for $32Mln

April 26, 2018

Where Should Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Purchase Their Second Home?

April 25, 2018

Council of Urban Real Estate Hosts 2018 "Leading Women in Real Estate" Leadership Power Breakfast

April 24, 2018

12 Top Eco-Friendly Luxury Properties

April 24, 2018

News This Week's N.Y. Deal Sheet

April 23, 2018

Ultra-High-End Convenience Store and CafOpening in 50 West

April 21, 2018

Upscale buildings' latest trendy amenity: Spas

April 20, 2018

Time Equities Refis Cleveland Office Portfolio with $24M Loan

April 19, 2018

Time Equities Nabs $30M Loan for 50 West Street Condos

April 19, 2018

Manhattan Mansion Converted From Catholic School Asks $23.5 Million

April 18, 2018

Tired of passe condo fitness centers? Over-the-top spas take wellness to another level.

April 18, 2018

Time Equities Acquires Eastern TN Retail Center

April 17, 2018

Time Equities Acquires Shopping Center in Eastern Tennessee for $13.9 Million

April 10, 2018

One attraction still drawing shoppers to malls: Food

April 2, 2018

Time Equities Soho townhouse returns to market with price cut, new sales team

January 30, 2018

Time Equities, Bergman Group seek to attract suburban tenants with 'hip, unique' amenities

January 28, 2018

30 Years College Square Mall Anniversary

January 24, 2018

Time Equities readies Fund IV in quick return to market

January 10, 2018

Former Reuss Federal Plaza building in downtown Milwaukee sold

January 10, 2018

New York investor with Milwaukee roots details $10M plan for blue Reuss building

January 10, 2018

Mall Developers Bet on the Basicsand a Trampoline or Two

January 9, 2018

Malls May Be Dying, But Bets Against Their Debt Haven't Paid Off

December 19, 2017

Spotlight: Francis Greenburger

December 18, 2017

CRE will hit the jackpot with GOP tax plan

December 15, 2017

The Latest in Apartment Technology: Fridge Cams and Robotic Valets

December 13, 2017

Making Sense of 2017 as the Real Estate Market Has Returned to Earth

December 13, 2017

Q&A With Francis Greenburger (Video)

December 6, 2017

Helmut Jahn's Financial District skyscraper shows off its ritzy amenities

November 27, 2017

Holiday Weekend Update: Retail Momentum Cuts Across Channels

November 26, 2017

New Jersey Office Rents Near Records

November 13, 2017

50 West Streets Pedestrian Improvements Nearing Completion

November 8, 2017

Owners Magazine 2017: Interviews with NYCs Top Landlords

November 3, 2017

These NYC buildings have 'hidden' amenities including wine tastings, poolside barbecues, and astronomy hours

November 2, 2017

What were the priciest condo projects of the past 40 years?

October 24, 2017

Malls ditch the 'M word' as they spend big bucks on renovations

October 5, 2017

Pop-up shop pioneer Spirit Halloween is hitting the mall as more retailers vacate

September 28, 2017

US department stores put foot down on mall revamps

September 25, 2017

Department Stores Cling to Power Over Landlords on Mall Upgrades

September 25, 2017

As mall landlords try to upgrade, department stores cling to power

September 15, 2017

Dog Yoga and Electric Guitars: Amenities, at a New Level

September 11, 2017

Most Popular Sale of the Week

September 7, 2017

Time Equities David Becker Talks CRE Investment at Home andAbroad

August 30, 2017

In the West Village, a cozy and light-filled condo seeks $999K

August 23, 2017

TEI splurges onmidwestern retail

August 23, 2017

Selling points: Sela buys NJ resi complex for $40M, Kamber acquires UWS portfolio for $50M

August 22, 2017

TEI Acquires 205,435 SF Shopping Center in Sterling Heights, Michigan for $23.5M

August 22, 2017

Clinton Valley Mall sells for $23.5 million

August 21, 2017

Take Your Time When Searching for Real Estate, Says Time Equities Chief

August 21, 2017

TEI Acquires 205,435-Square-Foot Shopping Center in Metro Detroit for $23.5 Million

August 18, 2017

Suburban Detroit Retail Center Trades Hands for $23.5Mln

August 4, 2017

Early warning signs point to a slowdown in beauty retail, with Ulta a potential victim of its own success

July 28, 2017

SEEN: A real estate company turns unlikely spaces into showcases for contemporary art

July 28, 2017

In New Condos, Art Is Now a Crucial Part of the Deal

July 27, 2017

Halstead President Paul Gottsegen Returning to Time Equities After FourDecades

July 27, 2017

ON THE SCENE: Commercial sales and exclusives under $10 million

July 21, 2017

Cush & Wake Completes Sale of Roanoke's Franklin Plaza

July 20, 2017

Developer begins 15-story apartment building downtown

July 19, 2017

Another Look at the South Loop's upcoming 1000M Tower

July 18, 2017

Five-story office building in Roanoke sells for $6.3 million

July 18, 2017

Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer Completes Sale of Franklin Plaza in Downtown Roanoke, Virginia

July 17, 2017

8 Developments Offering Residents one-of-a-kind Experiences

July 17, 2017

Dialogues Interviews Jennie Lamensdorf Curator of Time Equities Artist-in-Construction Residency at 50 West

July 12, 2017

Mall retailers facing losses turn to lease consultants to negotiate with landlords

July 11, 2017

Retailers Tap Consultants to Wiggle Out of Mall Leases

July 9, 2017

Real estate projects to watch: 601 Bond Project

July 7, 2017

Strong Shortlist Announced For World Architecture Festival Awards 2017,

July 7, 2017

World Building of the Year 2017 shortlist announced

July 5, 2017

Shopping-Mall Owners Pay Up to Stay Relevant in Amazon Era

July 5, 2017

America's Mall Owners Cough Up to Stay Relevant in Amazon Era

July 5, 2017

Shopping- Mall Owners Pay Up to Stay Relevant in Amazon Era

July 5, 2017

Swapping Sears for spin class: How malls aim to keed edge in Amazon age

July 3, 2017

New art space opens inaugural exhibit

July 3, 2017

Art and about: Fruit, goats, and art served together

June 28, 2017

A Day with Designer Kara Mann

June 28, 2017

With Retail Writhing, Whats the Secret of a Successful Mall?

June 27, 2017

Mann signs on to be Interior Designer of Chicagos Newest Skyscraper

June 27, 2017

Time Equities raising third real estate fund

June 22, 2017

Love Apple Art Space Opens First Exhibition on July 2 2-5pm

June 21, 2017

Despite a $17B Valuation and Expanding Business Model, How Long Can WeWork Work

June 20, 2017

Brookfield exec Ric Clark to be named chair of Downtown Alliance

June 19, 2017

Michigan Avenues 1000M Focuses on Inner Space

June 18, 2017

An Old Convent Turned Luxury Home

June 17, 2017

Helmu Jahn-Designed Skyscraper to Rise on Chicago's Historic Michigan Avenue

June 15, 2017

New South Loop Tower to Get Kara Mann Treatment

June 12, 2017

Chicago's Newest Residential Skyscraper Will Feature Interiors by Kara Mann

June 11, 2017

Chicago-based Kara Mann tapped for interior design of Helmut Jahns South Loop tower

June 11, 2017

Chicago Skyscraper 1000M taps Kara Mann for interior design

June 7, 2017

Helmut Jahn on His Practice, His Career, and His Most Recent Chicago Project 1000M

June 7, 2017

Seven Apartments with the Most Over-The-Top Outdoor Spaces in the U.S.

June 7, 2017

Foothills Mall purchased by New York-based real estate firm

June 7, 2017

Meet the masters of single-family homebuilding in Brooklyn and Queens

June 6, 2017

Olive Garden, Five Below coming to College Square Mal

June 1, 2017

Time Equities Appoints Jessica Doran as the Firms Communications Manager

May 30, 2017

Bargain Hunters Pounce on Weak Retail Properties

May 26, 2017

TEI purchases College Square Mall

May 25, 2017

The Catastrophic Effects of Mental Health Stigma

May 25, 2017

TEI Goes Shopping in Tenn.

May 24, 2017

Five Below joining Colony Square Mall

May 19, 2017

ICSC's RECon: Preparation Equals Results

May 19, 2017

Exclusive First Look: See the Inside of 50 West, New 64-Story Residential Tower in Financial District

May 16, 2017

CBL & Associates Sells Two Malls in Tennessee to Time Equities for $53.5 Million

May 15, 2017

CBL & Associates Sells Two Malls in Tennessee to Time Equities for $53.5M

May 2, 2017

Interiors with Staircases for Days!

May 2, 2017

Lauded Danish designer Thomas Juul-Hansen picks up Fidi apartment of his own design

April 27, 2017

Working From Home? Real-Estate Developers Are Here to Help

April 26, 2017

The Power 100

April 25, 2017

Building Tour: 50 West

April 20, 2017

Cost No Object: Caribbean Vacations For The One Percent

April 20, 2017

The World's Top Megayacht Marinas

April 20, 2017

Behind the Exhibit: Luxury Digs for Art Lovers

April 19, 2017

Book Altamer Resort and Earn Extra Commission

April 19, 2017

Selling points: NJ apartment portfolios sell for $29M, Time buys $26M multifamily asset

April 19, 2017

Closings Underway at FiDi Tower

April 13, 2017

TEI Acquires Multifamily Portfolio in St. Joseph, Missouri for $26M

April 10, 2017

9 NYC Penthouses with Million-Dollar Views - and Price Tags to Match

April 10, 2017

9 NYC Penthouses with Million-Dollar Viewsand Price Tags to Match

April 4, 2017

Will Trumps immigration policies wreck the construction industry?

April 1, 2017

Arts in the City

April 1, 2017

Staging for the starter apartment

March 31, 2017

10 Hot Properties For Your Viewing Pleasure

March 31, 2017

Dive Into NYC's Best Indoor Pools That Are Architecturally Cool

March 30, 2017

New York firm buys St. Joseph properties

March 29, 2017

Time Equities drops $26M on a pair of Foutch Brothers projects

March 23, 2017

A new look at planned Helmut Jahn condo tower

March 20, 2017

Here Are the Most and Least Competitive Neighborhoods for NYC Home Buyers

March 20, 2017

Spring Break, the Adult Version

March 20, 2017

Here Are the Most and Lease Competitive Neighborhoods for NYC Home Buyers

March 16, 2017

People on the Move

March 13, 2017

$13.1 Million Penthouse Debuts at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral School's Condo Conversion in Nolita

March 10, 2017

The Investors Who See Plenty of Life in Dying Malls

March 9, 2017

Celebration Vacations

March 9, 2017

How Big Is Your House? That Depends

March 7, 2017

38 Prince Street

March 6, 2017

New York's Best Indoor Swimming Pools

March 6, 2017

Manhattan's New 50 West Luxury Condominiums

March 6, 2017

Starchitects Helmut Jahn and Annabelle Selldorf Discuss Latest in Luxury Real Estate

March 1, 2017

Inside Look: 6 indoor pools made for resort-style living

March 1, 2017

Francis Greenburger: Philanthropist/founder, Art Omi Center

March 1, 2017

Time Equities Throws a Big Bash for its 50th Anniversary

March 1, 2017

The Future is Downtown

March 1, 2017

Carter Reviews 50 West Street, Helmut Jahns Shimmering Sentinel

March 1, 2017

Time Equities Acquires 18 Residential Units at the Lagoon Estates Condominiums in the Bronx

March 1, 2017

What they're reading now

February 22, 2017

How to Save a Dying Mall

February 21, 2017

Soto and Pastor of Time Equities broker $5 million sale of 18 condo units at Lagoon Estates in the Bronx

February 20, 2017

Francis Greenburger, A Man On Many A Mission: A Profile

February 15, 2017

Time Equities Inc. Acquires 18 Residential Units at the Lagoon Estates Condos for $5 Million

February 13, 2017

New Aerial Photos Showcase Almost-Finished 50 West Street in Financial District

February 13, 2017

Fresh look: New aerial shots of Time Equities; 50 West Street

February 13, 2017

Downtown Manhattan's Preeminent Condominium 50 West Exteriors Unveiled + TCO

February 8, 2017

Last Minute Valentine's Day Savings: Anguilla Getaway

February 7, 2017

Last-Minute Valentines Day Savings: Anguilla Getaway

February 7, 2017

Time Equities 50 West development launches new website

February 7, 2017

Office Landlords Roll Out New Perks

February 6, 2017

Valentine's Day Plans for Every Relationship Stage

February 3, 2017

Time Equities Inc. buys North Hampton Shopping Center

February 3, 2017

Valentines Day Plans for Literally Every Relationship Stage Ever

February 2, 2017

On The Scene

February 2, 2017

TJ Maxx, Shoe Carnival to move to the mall

February 1, 2017

An Architectural Legend Shaping the New Downtown: Helmut Jahn

February 1, 2017

Changes Planned for Colony Square Mall

February 1, 2017

Man of Properties

February 1, 2017

New Listings

January 31, 2017

Altamer Resort Puts A New Spin On Valentine's Day

January 31, 2017

Time Equities koopt weer Internos-portefeuille

January 31, 2017

Altamer Resort Puts A New Spin on Valentines Day

January 31, 2017

10 Exceptional Condos To Watch In 2017

January 26, 2017

Francis Greenburger: Founder CEO and Chairman, Time Equities Inc.

January 25, 2017

Altamer Resort Offers Travel Agent Promotion

January 23, 2017

Firm Buys 18 Units In Apartment Complex

January 22, 2017

Property Watch: Financing in Place for Brooklyn Navy Yard Project

January 22, 2017

From 12-Year-Old Bookkeeper to Grown-Up Property Mogul

January 18, 2017

TEI has new Colony

January 18, 2017

Helmut Jahns 50 West Street unveils two new model units

January 18, 2017

Selling points: Uptown portfolio hits the market, Arts Tower condo offering

January 16, 2017

Time Equities Acquires 425,430 SF Shopping Mall in Zanesville, Ohio for $31.5M

January 12, 2017

Anguilla's Altamer Names New Marketing Manager

January 12, 2017

Murals with Morals

January 12, 2017

Time Equities Pays $31.5Mln for Ohio Retail Center

January 12, 2017

Transactions: Whos paying how much for what

January 12, 2017

Ohio regional mall sells for $31.5 million

January 12, 2017

Colony Square Mall sold to New York firm

January 11, 2017

Anguillas Altamer Names New Marketing Manager

January 11, 2017

New art installation will confront Catawba River coal ash issue

January 11, 2017

Luxury Real Estate Goes to the Dogs (and Chinchillas)

January 9, 2017

Altamer Resort on Anguilla Names Marie Walker Marketing and Sales Manager

January 6, 2017

WHOS NEWS: Commercial appointments and promotions

January 6, 2017

German Makeup Firm Triples Foothold at 55 Fifth Avenue

January 5, 2017

ON THE SCENE: A&G Realty to manage sale, lease of Chelsea store; TEI buys former firearms facility

January 5, 2017

Enclosed Malls Still Have Appeal

January 4, 2017

Resisting Donald Trump Requires More than Just Protests

January 4, 2017

We discuss Francis Greenburgers new book Risk Game and all things real estate

January 4, 2017

A New Year, A New Market?: Industry Leaders Weigh In

January 2, 2017

Kitchens That Will Encourage You to Cook in the New Year

January 1, 2017

Short Takes

December 28, 2016

The 10 most valuable Brooklyn condo filings accepted in 2016

December 22, 2016

Real Estate and Real Life Ep. 5 with Francis J. Greenburger

December 19, 2016

New York investors heating up the New Haven real estate market

December 15, 2016

Art Workers Organize a Fair for Political Action

December 15, 2016

Bill Rudin, Francis Greenburger on How Downtown Manhattan Rose from the Dead

December 14, 2016

REW TV asks ICSC: What do you expect from retail real estate in 2017?

December 13, 2016

The Huffington Post

December 13, 2016

O,R&L Commercial Negotiates Sale of Office, Industrial Complex in New Haven, Connecticut

December 12, 2016

New Yorks 2017 Haute 100 List

December 12, 2016

Investor buys New Havens former Marlin Firearms site

December 9, 2016

Mixed reception puts 5-tower South Dixie proposal on uncertain footing

December 8, 2016

Local Authors

December 7, 2016

10 Kitchens Perfect for Holiday Cooking and Entertaining

December 7, 2016

Five Takeaways from ICSC New York National Deal Making Conference, Day Two

December 5, 2016

Luxury Condos Near Top Universities in New York City

December 5, 2016

Justice for Convicts

December 1, 2016

All Engines Go for 40-Story Condo with New Elementary School; See How it Will Change the Downtown Skyline

November 30, 2016

Time Equities Inc.'s Art-in-Buildings Program Announces Fall 2016 Art Series

November 29, 2016

10 Stunning Villas for the Perfect Winter Getaway

November 28, 2016

Inside the $25M townhouse of Nolita's church-to-condo conversion

November 20, 2016

10 Holiday Caribbean Villas That Will Leave You Drooling

November 20, 2016

Nine Holiday Caribbean Villas for the 1% That Will Leave You Drooling

November 18, 2016

The three sides of Time Equities Francis Greenburger

November 14, 2016

Ami Ziff, Director, National Retail at Time Equities Inc.

November 3, 2016

Inside the pitching war for new development projects

November 1, 2016

Whos Got the Power?

October 27, 2016

Detroit-Area Retail Attracting Investors

October 27, 2016

Transactions: Who's paying how much for what

October 26, 2016

The Mann Newswire

October 26, 2016

Times Equity buys Fairlane Meadows retail center in Detroit for $20 million

October 24, 2016

SIOR Special Report: Developers, Financiers, Techies Brace for Change

October 19, 2016

Caribbean Villas for the One Percent during the Holidays

October 18, 2016

Kelterborn joins Time Equities as director of design innovation

October 18, 2016

Spotlight/State of the State

October 18, 2016

Much Ado About Nothing?: New York Citys Top Owners Parse the Brexit Vote

October 18, 2016

NYC Owners Not Fearful of a WeWork Failure

October 17, 2016

Luxury Developers Get Serious About Art

October 17, 2016

Owners Magazine 2016

October 13, 2016

Mid-America Negotiates $20.6M Sale of 157,225 SF Retail Center in Suburban Detroit

October 12, 2016

Time Equities Inc. Fall 2016 Newsletter

October 3, 2016

Anguilla Luxury

October 1, 2016

Opening Party!

October 1, 2016

Towering Tributes in Oct. 2016 issue

October 1, 2016

The Common Area: Deals & Transactions in Oct. 2016 issue

September 30, 2016

What It's Like to Use VR to Buy Multimillion Dollar Real Estate

September 30, 2016

New York developers are turning schoolhouses into homes

September 29, 2016

Where Do Banks Go When They Die?

September 26, 2016

Making Art with Failed Banks

September 23, 2016

Touch-of-a-button security technology that city dwellers want in their homes

September 20, 2016

Drop-Down Menu: Its Now Cool to Live Above a Restaurant

September 15, 2016

Go For Broke: Cataloguing failure, one bank at a time

September 13, 2016

INTERVIEW: Developer Francis Greenburger on Trends, Time Equities, and 50 West Street

September 13, 2016


September 9, 2016

Whos Got the Power? Ten Top Names in New York Interior Design

September 9, 2016

Luxury in the shadows of the World Trade Center (Segment 2)

September 9, 2016

Luxury in the shadows of the World Trade Center (Segment 1)

September 1, 2016

NYC Spaces

September 1, 2016

Movers & Shakers

September 1, 2016

Racing against the recession

September 1, 2016

NYCs all-time condo kings

September 1, 2016

Whos jumping ship?

September 1, 2016

Where the deal isnt the only drama

August 30, 2016

Midwood condos in a former rental building ask from $1M

August 26, 2016

Market Research: An Interview with Michael Mandiberg

August 24, 2016

Selling points: Time Equities buys mall for $70M, Jamaica development site now on the market

August 18, 2016

Newgate Mall healthy, Ogden City looking forward to new owners' plans

August 18, 2016

Time Equities Inc. Acquires Newgate Mall in Utah for $69.5M

August 17, 2016

Time Equities Inc. Acquires Newgate Mall in Utah for $69.5 Million

August 17, 2016

10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today

August 16, 2016

Ogdens Newgate Mall Sells for $69.5M

August 16, 2016

Is the Newgate Mall purchase a good thing? An S-E reader conversation

August 15, 2016

Ogden's Newgate Mall sold for $69.5 million to New York-based firm

August 15, 2016

Time Equities Pays $70M for Utah Mall

August 15, 2016

Time Equities Pays $69.5Mln for Utah Shopping Mall

August 11, 2016

Home is Where the Art Is

August 5, 2016

Time Equities Takes Over $58 Million Loan in Utah Mall Buy

August 4, 2016

Time Equities Francis Greenburger is Betting on FiDi, Anguilla and Hillary Clinton

August 3, 2016

Francis' Kind of Market

August 3, 2016

The Big Chill: From Brexit to the U.S. Election, Uncertainty is Freezing Market Activity

August 1, 2016

The making of a starchitect

August 1, 2016

Time Equities Inc., Celebrates 50th Anniversary

July 25, 2016

Public Plaza, Pedestrian Bridge Outside 50 West Street Revealed, Financial District

July 22, 2016

Mack-Cali Realty Sells Three-Building Office Portfolio in Parsippany for $15M

July 21, 2016

Three Parsippany office buildings sell for $15M

July 21, 2016

New Public Plaza will Encircle Helmut Jahns West Street Tower

July 21, 2016

In the News: Daniel Squadron Speaks Up

July 20, 2016

Time Equities Acquires Parsippany Mack-Cali Office Buildings For $15.4 Million

July 20, 2016

Urban Sanctuary Takes Shape at 50 West Street

July 18, 2016

Luxury NYC Residences Perfect for a Summer Staycation

July 14, 2016

Greenburger beating the odds in real estate risk game

July 13, 2016

SELLING POINTS: Newmark marketing Flatiron building, MRC doubles profit on Wburg asset

July 13, 2016

The Getaway: Where CRE Bigwigs Summer in the Hamptons

July 7, 2016

Greenburger: NYC Velocity Down; Neutral Elsewhere

July 5, 2016

West Side highway project stalls after failed inspection

July 4, 2016

Barber Building sold to New York company

July 1, 2016

Heres what Brexit will do to U.S. real estate prices

June 30, 2016

Transactions: Altman Warwicks $311.5M in mortgage financing, Meridians $2.1M for Brooklyn property

June 27, 2016

As More Americans Work From Home, Residences Accomodate

June 24, 2016

5 Retail Predictions, Trends to Watch in 2017

June 22, 2016

NoLIta: Mixing Hip and Historic

June 19, 2016

For New Yorkers Who Want to Live the High Life, New Buildings Beckon

June 16, 2016

Slideshow: Industry Titans Honor 2016s Most Powerful at Park Hyatt New York

June 1, 2016

The great escape: NYC developers who are breaking into other markets

May 31, 2016

In the News: Santos Party House Has Closed

May 31, 2016

Developers Save Space for Artists, Africa Biggest Museum Rises in Cape Town

May 30, 2016

Making Space for Manhattan Artists That They Otherwise Couldnt Afford

May 26, 2016

The Yanks Are Coming! Americans Eye European Retail

May 25, 2016

RECon Attendees Talk Creating Vibes, Activation of Mind

May 24, 2016

Did Time Equities get a good deal in the Crossroads?

May 22, 2016

?Living the high life

May 18, 2016

Eat, pay, love: Restaurants foot the bill to open up in NYC

May 17, 2016

How to Begin Investing in Real Estate -Lessons learned from stocks, bonds and mutual funds wont help.

May 17, 2016

Exclusive: Watch Time-Lapse Of 50 West Streets Construction, Financial District

May 11, 2016

These holy sites double as dapper digs

May 10, 2016

Dont bank on it: New York artists memorial to financial failures comes to Wall Street

May 10, 2016

Good news for New York City bikers (and the people who live with them)

May 9, 2016

Playrooms That Are More Frank Gehry Than Fisher-Price

May 6, 2016

Buildings Get Bike Friendly

May 4, 2016

Caribbean luxury: Where the one percent stay and play

May 4, 2016

Francis Greenburger, Founder of OMI International Arts Center

May 4, 2016

NYC Residential Buildings Take Family Amenities to the Next Level

May 4, 2016

You wont believe the famous art hanging in these guys offices

April 20, 2016

Power 100

April 19, 2016

How To Own A Home Before Youre 30, According To Real Estate Experts

April 19, 2016

NYC office buildings are buzzing with new green spaces

April 18, 2016

Frances Goodmans Writhing Sculptures Consist of Fake Nails

April 13, 2016

Living on a Prayer

April 11, 2016

Classic Homes Go Green

April 6, 2016

Time Equities expands international footprint with 32m Dutch office portfolio acquisition (NL)

April 6, 2016

Time Equities continues Euro expansion with $48M Netherlands buy

April 4, 2016

New Look at the Amenities of Helmut Jahn's Financial District Tower

April 1, 2016


April 1, 2016

Why Donald Trump is the elephant in the real estate industry

March 31, 2016

Condos at Prospect Place redesigned to be less boxy

March 31, 2016

Why a condo conversion might suit you better than a brand new condo

March 30, 2016

Five New Superyacht Marinas You'll Want To Dock

March 30, 2016

46 new construction projects and conversions coming to a Manhattan neighborhood near you

March 28, 2016

Blue Diamond Villa At Altamer Resort, Anguilla

March 28, 2016

Blue Diamond Villa at Altamer Resort

March 24, 2016

Anguilla's Altamer Resort Unveils Blue Diamond Villa

March 23, 2016

New NYC Apartments Hitting the Market: Spring 2016

March 18, 2016

Professional Profile: Ami Ziff 2016

March 16, 2016

Q&A Profile Column: David Becker

March 11, 2016

The Sky's the Limit

March 10, 2016

A New Villa in Anguilla

March 10, 2016

New & Noteworthy

March 9, 2016

Greenburger plans to open Bronx treatment center for mentally ill convicts

March 9, 2016

Mapping the Financial District's Many Developments In Progress

March 9, 2016

Nolita's Ritzy Church-to-Condo Conversion Reveals Interiors, Pricing

March 7, 2016

Developer on a mission to battle mental illness

March 7, 2016

A New York Developer Embraces a Mission to Help the Mentally Ill

March 7, 2016

Wall Street Journal

March 7, 2016

Anguillas Altamer Resort Unveils Blue Diamond Villa

March 2, 2016

If These Walls Could Talk

March 1, 2016

Helmut Jahn tower for South Michigan Avenue gets 200-foot trim

February 29, 2016

Real estates new it position: Chief of Staff

February 29, 2016

These 9 New Buildings Are Redefining Chicago Architecture

February 25, 2016

The Manhattan luxe condos where work meets home

February 24, 2016

Affordability in the Motor City is Driving in NYC Real Estate Investors

February 24, 2016

Trinity quietly scraps plans for FiDi condo development

February 23, 2016

Catholic School at NYs First Cathedral to Be Turned Into Luxury Condos

February 19, 2016

Winter Palaces: 38 Prince Street

February 18, 2016

Haute Residences New York Luxury Real Estate Summit

February 15, 2016

Mini-Gallery: West 10th Window

February 12, 2016

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Global News

February 12, 2016

Time Equities Inc. Selects American Leisure to Program Lifestyle Amenities at the New Downtown's 50 West

February 12, 2016

L'Ancienne Ecole de Martin Scorsese' A Vendre pour 25 Millions de Dollars

February 11, 2016

12 Designer Fitness Centers That Will Make You Actually Want to Work Out

February 9, 2016

5 Ways Luxury Buildings Are Trying to Woo Tweens

February 8, 2016

Martin Scorseses Childhood School Will Soon Be an Enviable Manhattan Apartment

February 8, 2016

10 West Street - A Rare Duplex Trophy Penthouse

February 5, 2016

"Love Piece" by Kristen McIver

February 5, 2016

Time Equities buys Simon center in Oregon

February 3, 2016

Landmark metro region outlet mall sells for $28.4M

January 27, 2016

TEI Buys Simon Outlet Center

January 25, 2016

Time Equities acquires Columbia Gorge Premium Outlets for $28,425,000

January 22, 2016

Pet Amenities for New Yorks Lucky Dogs

January 22, 2016

You Can See the Statue of Liberty from This Penthouses Living Room

January 22, 2016

Time Equities Pays $28.43M for Outlet Center in Portland, Ore., Area

January 21, 2016

Brooklyn's 10 Best-Selling Condo and Co-op Buildings in 2015

January 20, 2016

Time Equities Grabs a New Director of Sustainability and Promotes a Chief of Staff

January 19, 2016

Two Richmond Apartment Communities Command $14.22M

January 18, 2016

Developer of Towering 50 West Street Provides Inspiring Site for Artists

January 14, 2016

A New Lower Manhattan Tower with Panoramic Views of the New York Harbor

January 13, 2016

TEI Hires American Leisure at 50 West

January 13, 2016

Under Construction: Talking Dining at Time Equities 50 West Street

January 13, 2016

Richmond apartment buildings sell for $14M

January 12, 2016

What will the 2016 real estate market bring?

January 9, 2016

A Home for History: A Slice of the Past at 34 Prince Street

January 4, 2016

The Festival of Lights: 50 West Partners with AAPI For Diwali-Inspired Celebration

January 1, 2016

Top Suites Caribbean

January 1, 2016

NYCs in-house powerhouses

December 30, 2015

Selling Points: TEI closes on $18M retail purchase

December 29, 2015

16 Predictions for New York City's Housing Market in 2016

December 29, 2015

A Ritz-Carlton penthouse in New York is selling for $14.5 million

December 28, 2015

NY firm drops $14M on downtown apartments

December 28, 2015

Big projects put dreams, plans into action in 2015 real estate

December 18, 2015

Anguilla Provides Quiet Oasis In The Caribbean

December 17, 2015

Fountain House Gallery Artists Shine at "Mad About Art"

December 16, 2015

New Listings: PH2C at 10 West Street

December 15, 2015

City could more than double multifamily density on many properties

December 14, 2015

3 Ways Lower Manhattan's Finally Starting to Reach Its Potential

December 10, 2015

Time Equities expands its footprint in Wisconsin by acquiring four centers

December 9, 2015

Developer plans hundreds of condos, retail in West Palm Beach

December 8, 2015

Downtown Spotlight: Financial District

December 7, 2015

Travel: Yacht Harbors

December 7, 2015

Anguilla's Altamer Resort to Feature Megayacht Marina

December 4, 2015

The Skys The Limit

December 4, 2015

Time Equities Acquires Four Retail Properties in Wisconsin for $18.1M

December 3, 2015

Oak Creek TJ Maxx, Petco sold in $16.8M portfolio deal

December 1, 2015

New York Family: 50 West

November 30, 2015

Manhattans priciest new developments by total sellout

November 30, 2015

JLL to take on leasing and property management duties at Airport Park industrial development in Michigan

November 24, 2015

Detroit Industrials Ready to Take Off

November 23, 2015

Industry Experts Talk Real Estate Trends, Predictions at Haute Residences New York Luxury Real Estate Summit

November 20, 2015

New Renders Reveal Interiors for $25M Nolita Townhouse

November 20, 2015

Dixie Highway redo could bring 15-story condos south of downtown WPB

November 19, 2015

Time Equities arranges six loans totaling $22.45 million

November 18, 2015

50 West Diwali Event

November 17, 2015

The New New York Skyline

November 17, 2015

New Map Visualizes the New York City Skyline of 2020

November 12, 2015

AROUND TOWN: Fountain House Awards

November 11, 2015

Anguillas Altamer Resort Getting Megayacht Marina

November 8, 2015

Orphanage to Luxury

November 7, 2015

Resi units at St. Patricks Old Cathedral School to feature one-off designs

November 7, 2015

Every Condo In Nolita's Ritzy Church Conversion Will Be Unique

November 6, 2015

Luxury Condos in a Former NoLIta Orphanage

November 5, 2015

New plans for high-rise would change GRs skyline

November 5, 2015

Time Equities Francis Greenburger to Be Honored by Fountain House

November 2, 2015

Anguilla's First Mega-Yacht Complex to Open at Altamer Resort

October 31, 2015

New owners rattle local office market

October 26, 2015

Building with Art in Mind

October 26, 2015

Time Equities Inc. Art-in-Buildings presenting Kristin McIver, Love Piece at the West 10th Window

October 25, 2015

The Future of New York: 50 West

October 25, 2015

New York-Based Firm Time Equities Inc. Strengthens Footprint in Georgia by Acquiring Retail Shopping Center in Columbus for $30 million

October 23, 2015

50 West Street Is Topped Out And Nearing Exterior Completion

October 21, 2015

Home Study: Developers Offer Classes for Residents

October 20, 2015

The next generation of Gothams grooviest skyscrapers

October 19, 2015

Time-Travel Through Nolita Via This Condo Teaser Site

October 15, 2015

New Look: School To Condo Conversion At 34 Prince Street

October 13, 2015

SCIenergy Delivers 25% Energy Reduction to a New York City Commercial Building at No Cost to the Owner

October 12, 2015

Room with a view but no bars: Developers add antennas to fix cell service in high-rises

October 9, 2015

The Cellphone Imperative: If I Cant Text, Im Moving

October 9, 2015

Omi founder named to board of nonprofit

October 8, 2015

NYCs 33 buzziest new buildings

October 7, 2015

Owners Magazine 2015: Francis Greenburger

October 7, 2015

Transactions: Meridians $5M mortgage for Central Park North property, GCP Capitals $25.7M in mortgage financing

October 1, 2015

How May We Help You?

September 30, 2015

Foreign buyers flock to NYCs new buildings

September 29, 2015

M&T backs redevelopment of old St. Patricks school

September 25, 2015

Time-Hamlin JV Secures Financing for 34 Prince St.

September 23, 2015

Pyramid scheme catches on with Manhattan developers

September 21, 2015

New New New

September 21, 2015

Office condos a smart buy for smaller firms

September 20, 2015

New Yorks Rising Office-Condo Market

September 11, 2015

14 Years Later, Where Do Things Stand in Lower Manhattan?

September 11, 2015

Helmut Jahn's 780-Foot West Street Tower Has Topped Out

September 11, 2015

50 West Topping Out

September 10, 2015

Becker putting money to work across varied national portfolio

September 9, 2015

NAI Mertz exclusively leases Class A office building in Cherry Hill

September 8, 2015

The 45+ New NYC Developments Hitting the Market This Fall

September 2, 2015

CONDO MANIA! Here are the 12 wildest and most luxurious Manhattan real estate projects hitting the market this fall

September 2, 2015

Here are the 12 most exciting NYC condos hitting the market

September 1, 2015

India: NYCs next investment powerhouse?

August 31, 2015

Collector's Corner: Francis Greenburger

August 31, 2015

Joint Venture Closes on Construction Loan

August 26, 2015

Greenburger strengthens retail portfolio

August 21, 2015

Time Equities Goes Shopping in Columbus

August 21, 2015

The Landings shopping center sold for $30 million [Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Ga.]

August 20, 2015

The Landings shopping center sold for $30 million

August 19, 2015

Time Equities Tops Out at 50 West

August 19, 2015

2015 New York Skyline Award Finalists

August 19, 2015

New Deals -- Ga. Retail Center

August 17, 2015

FiDis 50 West Tops Out; Lets Build Another Borough

August 11, 2015

Miami luxury property developer finds a little feng shui goes a long way

August 10, 2015

7 New York Real Estate Moguls Who Are Addicted to Art and the Trophies They Buy

August 7, 2015

Keeping Skyscrapers From Blowing in the Wind

August 5, 2015

Taking Over Student Housing Management

August 5, 2015

The Financial District: A Neighborhood With Two Faces

August 5, 2015

New Gen: What You Don't Know About One of the Nation's Top Retail Private Equity Partners

August 1, 2015

Addicted to Art

July 30, 2015

Visual arts: Public art along Ste-Catherine St. emphasizes the need for empathy

July 24, 2015

FiDi condo building ushers in 'Wall Street East'

July 21, 2015

Destination: Second Home. 50 West Street

July 8, 2015

50 West reaches half-way mark

July 3, 2015

Who could be the nation?s next real estate reality star?

July 2, 2015

New perspectives: an exhibition in a Greenwich Village lobby offers a new view of the city's skyline

July 1, 2015

Where will John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen move next?

June 24, 2015

Where To Live Now: Lower Manhattan

June 24, 2015

50 West Street Climbing Quickly, Now 50 Stories Tall, Financial District

June 23, 2015

Chic Skyline Condominiums in Rising Manhattan Neighborhood Selling Quickly

June 23, 2015

Time Equities to convert Midwood rental to condo

June 23, 2015

Time Equitiess 50 West in the New Downtown Reaches 50 Percent Sold

June 23, 2015

Checking In On Helmut Jahn's 780-Foot West Street Tower

June 23, 2015

Construction Update: 50 West

June 22, 2015

Two $12M deals hand off 380 apartments

June 16, 2015

Bayer Properties Sells Birmingham Shopping Center for $2.5M

June 8, 2015

Towers Watson to move into 48,000 square feet in Travelers Tower I

June 5, 2015

High-Flying FiDi: Extreme Downtown Finally Gets Its 15 Minutes

June 2, 2015

New York-based TEI buys Vestavia Hills shopping center for $2.5 million

June 1, 2015

New Video For 50 West Street, 783-Foot Tall Condo Tower Rising In The Financial District

May 28, 2015

New York-Based Firm Time Equitie Strengthens Footprint in Alabama by Acquiring Retail Shopping Center in Vestavia Hills for $2.5 Million

May 28, 2015

New York firm buys Vestavia Hills shopping center for $2.5M

May 26, 2015

These are the latest luxury housing amenities

May 22, 2015

Heres why more developers and brokers are living in their own projects

May 22, 2015

Why more and more builders and brokers are living in their projects

May 13, 2015

Transactions: Meridian closes on $3.7 million multifamily property in Harlem, Eastern Unions $47 million mortgage for buildings in the Bronx

May 13, 2015

Here's how high the interest is in the Fisher, Kahn buildings auction

May 12, 2015

How art became real estates hottest sales tool

May 4, 2015

With few words, Duke Realty Corp. says goodbye to Northeast Ohio

April 29, 2015

Commercial Observer Power 100: Francis Greenburger

April 27, 2015

Rise Of The New Downtown New York

April 27, 2015

Winners completes Bridgewater Mall revamp

April 23, 2015

Winners of the Francis J. Greenburger prize announced

April 21, 2015

For worldly workaholics, theres no place like the home study

April 20, 2015

2015 Francis Greenburger Award Winners Announced

April 15, 2015

These Construction Worker Paintings Give New Meaning to Artistic Development

April 15, 2015

RAINING CONDOS! Here are the 13 hottest new NYC condos hitting the market this spring

April 15, 2015

Now in His 80s, Malcolm Morley Is Still Finding New Ways of Looking

April 15, 2015

Francis J. Greenburger Arts Awards

April 14, 2015

New York firm buys Albany Park shopping center

April 14, 2015

Zell firm buys stake in Mexican mall company

April 9, 2015

Art This Week

April 8, 2015

Manhattan-Based Investor Time Equities Purchases Beltsville Building

April 2, 2015

TEI releases tony FiDi retail space to market

April 1, 2015

50 West is Coming Soon!

March 31, 2015

A New Age of Demand: Interview with Francis Greenburger

March 30, 2015

Time Equities Brings 10,560-Square-Foot Retail Space at Lower Manhattans 50 West to Market

March 30, 2015

50 West Seeks an Upscale Eatery

March 30, 2015

Developer offers retail space at a discount

March 29, 2015

What's the Deal_News Digest - A roundup of real-estate news in the Greater New York area

March 26, 2015

Time Equities Inc. partners with Pioneer Acquisitions to purchase two properties in Chicagos Rogers Park neighborhood for $8.3M

March 24, 2015

New Yorkers pay $8.3 million for North Side apartments

March 23, 2015

Child's Play: The Latest Residential Amenities for the Underage Set

March 20, 2015

50 West Gets Glassy

March 19, 2015

Construction Update: 50 West Street Rising Quickly, Gets Glassy

March 17, 2015

NOWHEREWORLDS: The Othered Ecologies of Jim Holyoak

March 16, 2015

Rockside Road area office buildings, Shaker Heights car dealership get fresh starts

March 13, 2015

The Wrap: The secret behind the curved glass of NYCs resi towers

March 13, 2015

Behind the Facade

March 13, 2015

Behind the Curved Glass of New Yorks Residential Towers

March 11, 2015

The new rise of Manhattans Financial District

March 11, 2015

What I Wear to Work: Time Equities Francis Greenburger

March 11, 2015

Amanda Millet-Sorsa: A Game of Tarot

March 3, 2015

Suburbs Still Have Appeal for Office Users

March 3, 2015

Duke Sells Last Six Northeast Ohio Office Buildings for $20M

March 2, 2015

Time Equities Inc. Acquires Six Office Buildings in Independence, Ohio for $20M

March 2, 2015

Ridiculously Chic Bathrooms

March 1, 2015

Straight Story On Curves

March 1, 2015

Hitting the market sweet spot

February 26, 2015

Murray Hill Has the Most Micro Units in All of Manhattan

February 25, 2015

By the numbers with Thomas Juul-Hansen the busiest architect in NYC

February 23, 2015

Properties with art at their heart

February 19, 2015

Duke Realty Corp. sells its last six office buildings in Independence, Seven Hills for $20 million

February 12, 2015

Accretive Health to move into 107,000 square feet in Southfield

February 4, 2015

What to do in Anguilla

February 2, 2015

Time Equities, Hamlin plan boutique condo at Nolita church

February 2, 2015

West Village Surprise: West 10th Window

January 29, 2015

The 5 ritziest real estate trends for 2015

January 28, 2015

Three Women Lead Successful New Development Projects in New York City

January 26, 2015

50 West Street Construction Hits the 25 Percent Mark

January 26, 2015

50 West Construction Update

January 25, 2015

Multifamily Monday: Little Units, Big Amenities

January 21, 2015

From the Architect's Chair

January 20, 2015

A Conversation With Helmut Jahn, the Architect Behind One Liberty Plaza in Philadelphia

January 15, 2015

L Series listing: 50 West

January 2, 2015

De Blasio: Year One

January 1, 2015

NYC's Premier Properties

December 31, 2014

Boutique condos are NYC's sexiest way to live

December 30, 2014

Time Equities Closes on 380,000 SF Regional Mall in Monroe

December 29, 2014

Commercial Property Executive -Time Equities Acquires 380 KSF Shopping Center in Monroe, NC

December 24, 2014

Time Equities Buys North Carolina Retail Property

December 24, 2014

Time Equities Buys 379,630 Square Foot Shopping Center in Monroe, North Carolina

December 24, 2014

Ziff: Value Centers Bring Better Yield

December 23, 2014

Time Equities Grows Retail Portfolio and Acquires 379,630SF Regional Shopping Center in Monroe, North Carolina

December 17, 2014

State of the Market 14/15: How Long Can It Last?

December 17, 2014

Slideshow: Top Real Estate Figures Look Back at 2014 and Forecast 2015

December 17, 2014

Action heating up on Midtown South buildings

December 12, 2014

Selling Condos With a Tap and a Swipe

December 12, 2014

Snow big deal: stay toasty in these luxe in-building lounges

December 10, 2014

On the Rise: A Roundup of NYC's Most Family-Friendly New Buildings

December 9, 2014

What's New and Hot in the Caribbean

December 8, 2014

Whats new at 3 of Anguillas hottest properties

December 4, 2014

Caribbean Trends

December 3, 2014

Debt helps New York condo market hit sky-high levels

November 24, 2014

11 Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

November 21, 2014

Time Equities Inc.'s Art-in-Buildings Features Contemporary Artists Jarrod Beck And Justin Cooper In Latest Public Installations

November 21, 2014

Virtual reality ready to revolutionize residential sales market

November 19, 2014

Developers make hay during market upswing

November 17, 2014

10 Amazing Winter Island Escapes

November 12, 2014

Selling Points : TEI teams with Hamlin again, Squire nabs 43 Crosby

November 12, 2014

Construction Update: 50 West Street

November 11, 2014

Time Equities, Hamlin Ventures Acquire 34 Prince Street in Manhattan

November 10, 2014

Nearly half of NYC luxury product bought sight unseen

November 6, 2014

First Look: Nolita Church's Conversion to Condos, Townhouses

November 5, 2014

Time Equities Showcases 50 West at Exclusive VIP Broker Event

November 4, 2014

This Guy Took Sales Calls While Running the Marathon

November 1, 2014

Developer Time Equities Inc. Launched Artist-in-Residence Program to Respond to the Rise of Downtown Manhattans 50 West

October 30, 2014

On the Rise: A roundup of NYCs most family-friendly new buildings & classic propertiesall with multi-bedroom units and amazing kids amenities

October 28, 2014

Nonprofit pays $28M for full floor at Time Equities 633 Third

October 20, 2014

Developers scramble to reinvent office spaces for booming NYC market

October 9, 2014

In a City Bursting with New Developments, Lower Manhattans Surge is a Standout

October 9, 2014

To market, to market with more Downtown homes

October 8, 2014

Citys Most Active Landlords Talk Shop in Third Owners Magazine

October 8, 2014

Transformed Factories Prosper in LICs Development Boom

October 6, 2014

Ambitious Plan to Treat Mentally Ill Inmates, Built on a Fathers Anguish

October 5, 2014

Luxury: Dialing it Down

October 2, 2014

3 Places To Vacation Like A Celebrity

October 1, 2014

Top 5 Projects

September 15, 2014

Time Equities Unveils Artist-in-Residence Program for New NYC Tower

September 14, 2014

Dutch Kills attracting businesses priced out of Manhattan

September 12, 2014

Old, New Buildings Draw Crowds to Dutch Kills

September 10, 2014

Time Equities progressing with 64-story 50 West residential tower

September 8, 2014

Artist-in-Construction at 50 West St.: Noa Charuvi Paints the Construction Process

September 8, 2014

Tenant Demand Increases for Long Island City

September 5, 2014

Future Look: The Lower Manhattan Skyline

September 4, 2014

Archdiocese of New York Sells off St. Patricks School in Little Italy for $32M, Makes Way for Condos

September 1, 2014

50 West Offers Customized Living Spaces

September 1, 2014

High-end apartment buildings offer office condos to their residents

September 1, 2014

A final countdown for FiDi

August 29, 2014

Hotel could move into former movie studio site in Allen Park

August 28, 2014

Meet Francis Jerome Greenburger

August 27, 2014

Hot New Homes: How High Can You Fly?

August 27, 2014

Allen Park sells Unity Studios property for $12 million

August 21, 2014

Long Island City becoming more desirable for tenants looking to escape Manhattan rent prices

August 21, 2014


August 19, 2014

Buying a new condo? Skip to the dead of the line and save

August 11, 2014

Office Tenants Look to Long Island City

August 8, 2014

The Financial District Gains Momentum

August 8, 2014

50 West St. Zooms Through Construction In Animated Video

August 4, 2014

New Look: 50 West Street

August 2, 2014

Development Updates

August 2, 2014

The Doorman's Guide to Lower Manhattan 2014

August 1, 2014

The Townhouse, Minus the Past: New Brooklyn Townhouses in Williamsburg, Dumbo, Cobble Hill

August 1, 2014

Showy showrooms: A peek inside five exclusive condo sales centers

August 1, 2014

Who needs a museum when you can visit the local real estate office?

July 27, 2014

Downtown Tower Draws Families Across Manhattan

July 23, 2014

Deals & Dealmakers: Transactions

July 18, 2014

No surprises here; 50 West is a big hit

July 15, 2014

Moving to Overhaul Criminal Justice

July 14, 2014

50 West's Sales Office Showcases Panoramic Apartment Views

July 7, 2014

New condos let you work from a home office - but not in your apartment

July 7, 2014

Time Equities launches sales at 50 West

July 7, 2014

A Glimpse at the Glittering 50 West, Set to Spice Up Downtown Manhattans Skyline in 2016

July 7, 2014

New condos let you work from a home office but not in your apartment

July 2, 2014

Francis Greenburger Honored at the Columbia Memorial Hospital Ball

June 30, 2014

Sales center tour: 50 West Street shows off its curves, views that won't quit

June 25, 2014

Futuristic Realtors Use Drones, Google Glass and Virtual Headsets

June 24, 2014

New Yorks Waterfront Gets A Revamp

June 23, 2014

Multifamily Monday: Four Neighborhoods Making a Comeback

June 18, 2014

Time Equities Inc. Acquires Altamer Resort in Shoal Bay West, Anguilla; Renovations Planned

June 18, 2014

Altamer Resort to be renovated

June 10, 2014

50 West Street by Time Equities unfurls full site, floorplans, new NYC skyline

June 10, 2014

Long-Awaited 50 West Street Reveals Everything Except Pricing

June 3, 2014

42 Star Projects Transforming Architecture in New York City

May 29, 2014

New Renderings: 50 West Street

May 29, 2014

Jahn & Juul-Hansen's 50 West St. Gets Gorgeous New Renders

May 23, 2014

Robust Leasing in Big-Box Sector

April 25, 2014

New Details Revealed for Three Long-Awaited Condo Towers

April 25, 2014

Retail real estate showing positive signs but full picture still a puzzle

April 24, 2014

In High Gear

April 24, 2014

New York company buys grocery-anchored shopping center for $8 million

April 18, 2014

Talking with Francis Greenburger

April 9, 2014

Office visitors take a gander at taxidermy bird

April 9, 2014

Time Equities Makes $9.5M Acquisition of Its First Retail Property in Indiana

April 9, 2014

Real Estate Weekly - Leases

April 9, 2014

Time Equities Makes $9.5M Acquisiton of Its First Retail Property in Indiana

April 3, 2014

Bergman Real Estate Group Announces 20,000-SF Lease with GSA at 51 Haddonfield Road in Cherry Hill, N.J.

April 2, 2014

Real Estate Weekly - Transactions

March 28, 2014

Shadeland Station shopping center bought for $9.5M

March 27, 2014

Indy Shopping Center Acquired

March 26, 2014

'Breathless Maiden Lane' Installation By Grimanesa Amoros Wows FiDi

March 21, 2014

GE Capital Closes $23M First Mortgage For Mass. Shopping Center

March 21, 2014

Antioch's Somersville Towne Center acquired by New York investor

March 20, 2014

We Are the 1%: Lower Manhattans Luxury Condos and Upscale Retail May Only Widen the Gap

March 19, 2014

New York investor picks up Antioch shopping mall for $12.34 million

March 18, 2014

The 44 New Developments Hitting The Market This Spring

March 12, 2014

Five Years Post-Stock Market Crash, How are CRE Pros Faring?

March 11, 2014

Announcing the Sale of Shadeland Station

March 6, 2014

With condo project back on track, so is affordable housing money eventually

February 22, 2014

Time Equities Inc. Art-in-Buildings Features New Exhibit at West 10th Window

February 19, 2014

Condos to Crave: 10 Of Manhattans Best New Buildings

February 13, 2014

1Dialogue: Eric Fertman and Nick Hornby at 125 Maiden Lane

February 10, 2014

Pillars of Society - 125 Maiden Lane, Art-in-Buildings Opening

February 1, 2014

Ranking new condos from Barnetts One57 to Rudins Greenwich Lane by per-square-foot prices

January 29, 2014

Greenburger buys church school

January 24, 2014

RE Developers To Buy Landmark Cathedral In Little Italy

January 23, 2014

Time Equities, Hamlin Ventures set to buy Little Italy landmark

January 6, 2014

TEI closes on $143M in new loan transactions

January 5, 2014

Time Equities Inc. Buys 379,630 SF Shopping Center in Metro Charlotte

January 2, 2014

New development sales change pace

January 2, 2014

After 12 months, a clearer picture emerges of mayors relationship with real estate issues

December 18, 2013

Time Equities Inc. Purchases Two Retail Centers for Over $10 Million

December 10, 2013

Resurrected 50 West Street Unveils New Renders, Sales Launch

November 21, 2013

Time Equities' National Retail Division Secures 50,298 Square Feet of Leases in Retail Centers Across the Country

November 18, 2013

Spending Hours on the Minutes: A Way for Buyers and Their Lawyers to Peek Into the Inner Workings of a Co-op Building

November 1, 2013

The Contrarian Investor

October 30, 2013

Waterfront Luxury Real Estate Rebounds After Sandy

October 29, 2013

One Year Later: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy

October 28, 2013

What's Next for Francis Greenburger

October 25, 2013

Best Buy: Broken Condos

October 15, 2013

Time Equities Acquires Centers in Missouri, Arizona

October 15, 2013

Bentall Kennedy Buys Woburn Mall in Massachusetts for $62.1M

October 13, 2013 Wins 2013 W3 Award for Web Design

October 9, 2013

Panelists Predict Rich Pickings for Savvy New York Investors

October 7, 2013

Time Equities Inc. Sells Out Midtown Office Condominium

September 27, 2013

Strength in Numbers as Banks Band Together on Loans

September 27, 2013

Famularo and Idnani of NYCRS Lease 2,200 S/F

September 18, 2013

Carolyn Salas "Hang Up" and Allen Glatter "Smoke and Screaming Target"

September 18, 2013

Time Equities Exhibition

September 18, 2013

Bruck's the 64M Man

September 17, 2013

Two Art Exhibits Launch at 125 Maiden Lane in Lower Manhattan

September 3, 2013

Developer's Vision Rising Downtown After 30-Year Wait

September 1, 2013

Open Houses on "Crack"

August 28, 2013

Developer Locates Financing for Long-Delayed Manhattan Residential Project

August 28, 2013

Helmut Jahn's 50 West Street Tower Returns From The Dead

August 28, 2013

Greenburger Set to Construct A "Legacy"

August 21, 2013

Bruck Brings in 18 Loans

August 21, 2013

Time Equities Office Condo Sales Booming

August 13, 2013

A Surfeit of Space: the Francis J Greenburger Collection

August 13, 2013

Lease Beat: Governor Andrew Cuomo

August 7, 2013

Done Deals

August 6, 2013

Commercial condo at 131 W. 33rd is sold out

August 6, 2013

Empire State Development to Save Millions in Lease Renewal

August 5, 2013

Cuomo, Empire State Development get huge savings at Time Equities building

August 5, 2013

Hemet Retail Spaces Sold

August 4, 2013

Governor, Development Offices Get Reduced Rate

August 1, 2013

A Little Something to Say Thanks

August 1, 2013

Common Charges: How Low Can They Go?

July 23, 2013

Diamond Valley Plaza In Hemet Sells For $5.8M

July 19, 2013

Time Equities purchases Diamond Valley Plaza

June 26, 2013

Hemet Retail Sells for $5.9M

June 12, 2013

Mini Masterpiece Replicas on Display in Tiny Village Gallery

June 12, 2013

Jay Shinn "Doublerama and Adagiorama" at 55 Fifth Avenue

June 10, 2013

Time Equities purchases 39,078 s/f retail center for $1.3 million

May 21, 2013

Real Estate Deals Shift To Secondary Markets

May 14, 2013

TEI purchases 85,346 s/f shopping center for $1.65 million; Bouck of Bouck real estate represents the seller

May 3, 2013

SCT Week

April 16, 2013

Time Equities purchases Abbeville shopping center

April 15, 2013

Time Equities Picks Up Fourth SC Retail Center for $1.3M

April 8, 2013

Time Equities Inc. Pays $1.65M for Auburn Towne Center

March 15, 2013

Q&A: Stuart Bruck, Director of Mortgage Brokerage Services at Time Equities

March 6, 2013

Now Showing: Blue Curry, Untitled (Car Tire, Beans)

March 1, 2013

Liability Lessons

March 1, 2013

Maiden Voyage

February 27, 2013

List of Winners at Greenburger Prize 2013

February 27, 2013

Omi Arts Center Gives Greenburger Awards to Saul, Mekas, Nonas, Porter, Reichek

February 27, 2013

Deals & Dealmakers

February 26, 2013

Saul, Mekas Among Greenburger Prize Winners

February 22, 2013

Amalgamated Bank Finances Two Walk-Up Buildings

February 8, 2013

Art for 225 West 10th Street; Dog Concierge at Gateway

February 1, 2013

A Day in the Life of Francis Greenburger

February 1, 2013

The Taxman Cometh

February 1, 2013

For Brokers, An Early Spring

January 29, 2013

Bruck of Time Equities closes eight loans totaling $46.73 million; includes $12m loan

January 16, 2013

Better Value in Philly?

January 13, 2013

Machine of the Moment

January 11, 2013

Assessing the Value of a Home

January 11, 2013

NY Firm Buys Northbrook Corporate Center for $11M

January 8, 2013

Time Equities buys Northbrook Center in Trevose, Pa.

January 8, 2013

Time Equities Buys Northbrook Center in Trevose, PA

January 1, 2013

Trophy's Choice: The City's Office Towers of Power are Increasingly in High Demand

December 20, 2012

125 Maiden Lane Reopens to Owners and Tenants

December 20, 2012

Time Equities Inc. 2012 Conference Photos

November 27, 2012

The Commercial Observer's 30 Under 30

November 27, 2012

Ask An Expert

September 3, 2012

Vacancies Lead Landlords to Sell

August 28, 2012

Deals and Moves

August 28, 2012

JV Acquires Four-Story Office Property in Fairfield

August 27, 2012

JV Picks Up Fairfield, NJ Office Building for $5.6M

August 27, 2012

Time Equities Expands its Art-in-Buildings Program

August 27, 2012

1Expanding Art Program Increases Buildings' Appeal

August 27, 2012

London-Based Firm Finds More Value Donwtown

August 16, 2012

Union Acquires Headquarters Space for $4.1 Million in New York

August 15, 2012

NYC Department of Hospital Employees Local #420 Pays $4.1M for HQs Space

August 9, 2012

Tudor City

August 1, 2012

Residential Deals

August 1, 2012

25 Tudor City Place

July 27, 2012

Photography Shows and Discussions in the Parks

June 11, 2012

Sport Chalet to Anchor LA's FIGat7th

June 9, 2012

Moving Right Along: The Building of the Future Tours New York City

May 11, 2012

A Good Reference Letter can Open Up the Coop Door

May 4, 2012

Cherry Hill Office Building Sold for $3.5 Million

May 4, 2012

Partnership Buys 100,000 SF Office Building

May 3, 2012

?Time Equities, Bergman Real Estate Pay $3.4M for $100K SF Cherry Hill Asset

May 3, 2012

Time Equities & Bergman Buy Cherry Hill Office to Renovate, Reposition

May 3, 2012

Cherry Hill Office Building Goes for $3.4M

May 3, 2012

NY Investor Tries to Resuscitate Cherry Hill Offices

May 2, 2012

Goal: Be the "Most Aggressive Landlord in Town"

May 1, 2012

Using their Powers for Good?

March 1, 2012

New York Investment

February 23, 2012

Strong Turn

February 23, 2012

New Townhouses are Rising in Cobble Hill with Manhattan Pricing

February 12, 2012

Vertigo in the Markets

January 17, 2012

Time Equities Acquires 9,314 s/f Jersey City Retail Condo for $2.85 Million

January 12, 2012

Much More Than Just "Maintenance"

December 23, 2011

125 Maiden Lane Gets Free Greening

December 14, 2011

JC Retail Deal Start of Things to Come?

December 6, 2011


November 30, 2011

Jersey City Retail Condo

November 28, 2011

Manhattan Commercial Condo Sales on Rise

November 8, 2011

20 to Watch in 2012

November 4, 2011

Veal Sells Kingsbury Apartments to Big Apple Real Estate Partnership

October 27, 2011

Time Equities to Buy Kingsbury Apartments in St. Louis

October 26, 2011

Plots & Ploys

October 11, 2011

Time Equities Picks Up Shopping Centers in Arizona and Missouri for Combined Price of $11.1M

September 25, 2011

Medeiros of Time Equities reps seller in $4.1 million office condo sale at 70 W. 36th Street; Cohen of JTK Cohen and Company reps buyer

July 25, 2011

The Cove Club in Battery Park City

July 14, 2011

Buyer Bets on Downtown Surge

July 13, 2011

Just Sold!

July 12, 2011

Greenburger of Time Equities is More than your Average Real Estate Developer in New York

July 8, 2011

Luxury Apartment Draw Stiff Competition

June 26, 2011

Developers are Getting the Urge for Condo Conversions

June 19, 2011

Good Timing, Mom and Dad

June 16, 2011

Rent Out Of Shape

June 1, 2011

Javier Lattanzio Appointed Director of Sales for Time Equities Brokerage LLC

June 1, 2011

Deal Sheet: Retail Leases June 2011

May 30, 2011

Time Arranges Brooklyn Co-op Loan

May 20, 2011

The 50-Foot Commute

May 18, 2011

Time Opens LA Office

May 13, 2011

Time Equities Expands with West Coast Office

May 4, 2011

The Grapevine

April 16, 2011

Time Equities Opens First West Coast Office

March 29, 2011

New York's New Tax Assessments: Before It's Too Late

March 22, 2011

Bruck of Time Equities Secures Six Loans: $48.935M

March 4, 2011

Time Equities Brings Occupancy at Southgate Center to 82 Percent

March 4, 2011

Frank Lowy Hands Over the Reins at Westfield Group

March 2, 2011

Time Equities Inc. Purchased Gateway Plaza, a 62,428 s/f Shopping Center

February 18, 2011

Time Equities Picks Up Murray Hill Houses

February 18, 2011

Insurer Finds Staying Downtown is Best Policy

January 4, 2011

Developers Transform Toronto's Fashion District

September 20, 2010

Return of Rental Freebies?

August 25, 2010

When Feng Shui Helps Determine a Deal's Fate

June 17, 2010

Dream Homes

June 8, 2010

It's Free to Look: 812 Fifth Avenue

February 17, 2010

131 West 33rd Street

February 16, 2010

East 37th Street

September 4, 2009

The 30-Minute Interview - Francis J. Greenburger