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"Create Value, generate success, build wealth, re-invest. The TEI Way."

Our primary objective is to build investor wealth by providing sound real estate investment opportunities that can extend across multiple generations with our buy and hold approach.

Our team prides itself on delivering the highest quality investor service by thinking independently and not losing sight of our principles of transparency and integrity.

By utilizing a refined, conservative strategy with an innovative edge, TEI continues to build on its diverse portfolio of income producing properties across the world. Our decision making is focused on a dedication to long-term ownership and opportunistic buying.

We have found over the past 56 years that a diverse portfolio, spread over multiple property types, sizes, and markets is the best way to hedge against the inevitable cycles that dominate the real estate industry and the greater economy, and ultimately, is the best way to create durable, multi-generational wealth.

The $7 billion+ asset value of the TEI portfolio is a testament to the TEI investment philosophy. We look forward to building wealth alongside investors for generations to come, and look forward to welcoming you to the TEI Investment Family.

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"Create Value, generate success, build wealth, re-invest. The TEI Way."

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Customized 1031 Exchanges with Time Equities

A 1031 exchange is an effective tool to defer capital gains tax, but equally important is choosing a company with the expertise to guide you through the specific timelines and procedures that must be followed to take advantage of the benefits. TEI has been transacting 1031 exchanges for its own portfolio and outside investment partners for decades using dedicated in-house legal, tax, and acquisition teams. With significant in-depth knowledge and technical expertise, TEI is able to structure and customize the exchange to fit your specific investment objective.

Using TExchange, you can work with our in-house team to develop a customized strategic plan to maximize the benefits of your 1031 exchange.

Our dedicated team brings a wide range of knowledge and experience.

David Becker Headshots 2023

David Becker

Managing Director, Equity Division

Alex Anderson Headshots 2023

Alexander Anderson

Senior Director, Equity Division & Investor Relations

Jack Goldberg Headshot 2023

Jack Goldberg

Director, Equity Division

Anisa Hasani 2023 Headshot

Anisa Hasani

Associate, Investor Relations

Richard Viest Headshot

Richard Viest

Director, Investor Relations

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