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Art, Design & Community

Time Equities Inc. and Francis Greenburger are active in numerous philanthropic and community organizations in the fields of the arts, environment, neighborhood enhancement and education.
The Greenburger Center advocates for criminal justice reform and supports efforts to reform bail & sentencing rules, close Rikers jail, provide rehabilitation & re-entry services for incarcerated people, and divert people with serious mental illness from jails and prisons.
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art thrives on making and presenting work that is fresh, surprising, and challenging. Francis Greenburger is a contributor to MASS MoCA.
The Downtown Alliance's mission is to provide service, advocacy and information to advance Lower Manhattan as a central destination for businesses, residents and visitors. Francis Greenburger serves on the Board of Directors.
Little Red Schoolhouse in conjunction with Elizabeth Irwin High School comprises LREI. For 90 years LREI has provided students a rich and progressive academic program. Francis Greenburger contributes to the Board of Trustees.
AiB brings art to non-traditional exhibition spaces in the interest of promoting artists and creating a more interesting and aesthetically pleasing environment for our building occupants and their guests, while adding value to Time Equities’ properties.
Baruch College is among the nation's top public colleges. Francis Greenburger proudly supports his alma mater and the accessibility of higher education to New York City residents. TEI participates in the Real Estate Mentoring program.
TE Greengineers provide technical and strategic consulting services to increase sustainability in buildings across North America.
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council brings art where it’s least expected and engages the ideas of the moment by exploring the links between culture and capital. Mr. Greenburger serves on the Board of Directors.
Francis Greenburger is the founder of Omi International Arts Center, a not-for-profit arts organization with residency programs for international visual artists, architects, writers, musicians and dancers. Time Equities proudly supports Art Omi.
The Real Estate and Construction Council has supported the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts for over 35 years. The Council features over 50 leaders in real estate and construction, including Francis Greenburger.
is an unrestricted $10,000 prize established by Francis Greenburger that honors artists who are important figures in the art world and known to be of extraordinary merit but who have not been fully recognized by the public.
SASF serves more than 27,000 public school students throughout the New York area, providing after-school programs designed to improve academic performance and self-confidence. Francis Greenburger serves on the board.
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