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Time Equities Inc. Residential Group

The Time Equities Residential Group consists of Time Equities Inc. Residential Department and Time Equities Brokerage LLC. The Residential Group serves as a sales and marketing consultant to Time Equities Inc.'s Acquisition and Development Department and provides Asset Management and Project Management services for residential properties in New York and New Jersey, specializing in the conversion of rental buildings to condominium and cooperative ownership and commercial buildings to residential use. Time Equities Inc. is the selling and rental agent for the vast majority of the residential properties in the portfolio, which are located in New York or New Jersey.
Time Equities Inc. Residential Department

The Time Equities Residential department has overseen the conversion of more than 125 rental buildings containing over 10,000 units to cooperative and condominium housing and handles the rental and renewal leasing for 20 apartment buildings. The department coordinates a wide-ranging team of professionals within the legal, accounting, design and construction, property management and insurance divisions on a project or asset management basis. The department serves on the Board of Directors of numerous co-ops and condominiums, ensures that all Sponsor obligations are met and works with coops and condos to comply with Fannie Mae requirements and assists in financing to be available to purchasers.

Sales Listings

Time Equities, Inc. is the selling agent for the Sponsor/Developer in many cooperatives and condominiums, both in locations converted under the direction of Time Equities Residential department as well as a number of other properties. Time Equities is currently responsible for selling properties located in Manhattan's Upper West Side, Washington Heights, Upper East Side, Tudor City, Chelsea, Gramercy Park and Greenwich Village, as well as in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and Teaneck, New Jersey. If you don't see the listing that meets your needs on our Sales Listings page, let the sales agents at Time Equities Brokerage assist you in locating the home that you are searching for.

Rental Listings

Time Equities, Inc. offers rental apartment listings on a no-fee basis to applicants who contact us directly. TEI is the exclusive rental agent for 20 properties located in NYC's most desirable neighborhoods, including the Upper West Side, Murray Hill, Greenwich Village, SoHo, the East Village and the Financial District. View the Rental Listings page for availabilities, open house schedules, applications and contact information to locate the apartment you are searching for.

Time Equities Brokerage LLC

Time Equities Brokerage LLC is a boutique firm owned by Time Equities, Inc. providing sales, rental and consulting brokerage services to buyers, sellers and rental tenants. With access to listings from both the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) and the Manhattan MLS (Multiple Listing Service), TEB has access to thousands of available properties, including townhouses, lofts, cooperatives and condominiums. TEB offers individuals a superior level of professional services and prides itself on taking a personal approach in order to meet the needs of each client. Contact TEB to set up a personal meeting.

All information and visual representations are from sources deemed reliable and are furnished subject to errors, omissions, modifications, removal of listings from sale or lease and to any changes in listing conditions including prices. Any square footage and/or dimensions set forth are approximations. For cooperative and condominium properties, the complete terms are in the Offering Plans available from the Sponsor. Time Equities Inc. (TEI) as leasing or selling agent and/or asset or property manager for the Sponsor/owner will direct all inquiries to the appropriate party. Securities offered through Time Equities Securities, LLC, member FINRA. Time Equities Securities and Time Equities, Inc. are affiliated companies. Time Equities Inc. is a Licensed Real Estate Broker.