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TEI departmental structure provides for specialization and expertise in a particular area while the team approach brings a breadth of disciplines to the tasks at hand.

Francis Greenburger set up his business structure to work from the top-down, as well as laterally and from the bottom-up. Greenburger shares his visions and goals for the company and collaborates with his team of department heads in weekly and monthly executive committee meetings to discuss and communicate goals and status updates on current and upcoming projects. During these periodic meetings, departments share ideas alongside one another and stay up-to-date on the status of other departments. 

Once a year the TEI Annual Conference is held, where senior management sets out corporate goals, and the staff of TEI is responsible for setting, meeting and reporting on their departmental goals. This approach allows the staff to contribute their own concepts to implement those goals and add new ideas. Business plans consisting of concrete goals, budgets and income projections are presented, reviewed and discussed by the entire TEI staff present. 

Integrity & Excellence in Real Estate

Time Equities consistently strives to deliver on commitments be fair to our clients, customers, vendors, lenders, investors and partners in our actions, methods and principles.  We focus on developing trusting relationships and aim to deliver anticipated outcomes.  For more than 50 years, Time Equities, Inc. (TEI) has found success in both bull and bear real estate markets. Our disciplined investment strategy focuses on staying "ahead of the curve," while working to maintain the highest ethical business standards. 

Our Mission

Uphold, foster and promote the highest ethical business standards. Create, for all TEI employees, a positive work environment of respect, job growth opportunity and one where everyone can be proud. Maximize returns to investors and deliver excellent service to clients. Seek to utilize innovative and compelling architectural and design standards. Be technologically up-to-date. Spur excellence. Make decisions based on objective information and independent thinking.

Limiting Risk and Cultivating Opportunity 

By identifying locations with good market fundamentals and targeting under-valued properties in those areas, we seek to achieve above-average returns for our investors. Underwriting changing market economics and uncovering new markets forms the baseline of our business success.

Offering Diversity in Property Type, Size and Market 

Unlike some specialized investors, we are experienced and comfortable with virtually all property types and sizes. We can acquire property subject to existing financing as well as on an all-cash basis. If the transaction should require it, we have the ability to close quickly.

TEI currently holds in its own portfolio approximately 28.11 million square feet of residential, industrial, office and retail property – including over 3,800 multi-family apartment units. In addition, TEI is in various stages of development and pre-development of constructing approximately 1.4 million square feet of various property types which includes at least 1,447 residential units. With properties in 30 states, five Canadian provinces, Germany, the Netherlands, and Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, the TEI portfolio benefits from a diversity of property types, sizes and markets. 

Privately Held and Full-Service

Time Equities, Inc. is a privately held, full-service real estate company. Our principals and senior executives have decades of experience in their fields of expertise and are strategic forward-thinkers. We offer a full range of real estate services for our own portfolio as well as for our select clients:

• Acquisitions

• Asset Management

• Commercial Sales and Leasing

• Design and Construction Management

• Investor Relations and Equity Division

• Mortgage Brokerage

• Residential Sales and Leasing

• Greengineering and Sustainability Strategies

Our accomplishments have allowed us to develop a third party fee-for-service business in residential and commercial sales and leasing, mortgage brokerage, Greengineering and architectural design and construction services to outside clients.

Our Investment Philosophy 

Time Equities, Inc. has been in the real estate business for over 50 years. Over time, TEI has acquired a diverse portfolio with guiding principles that have remained the same: a dedication to long-term ownership and opportunistic buying. We have been very successful in identifying hidden value and emerging new markets that may produce above average returns. Our investment returns analyze for each acquisition using an immediate, mid-term and residual-value approach.

TEI typically invests in two types of property: "Stabilized" properties that are currently fully leased, which makes them immediate income producers, and "Added-Value" transactions on properties that require renovation, conversion, development and/or lease-up.

In addition to seeking unique opportunities for investment, at TEI we believe that a diverse portfolio, spread over multiple markets, is the best way to hedge against the inevitable market cycles that dominate the history of our industry. 

TEI derives considerable benefit from its diversity of property types, sizes and markets. While our properties are mostly located throughout North America, we are always open to evaluating new markets.

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All information and visual representations are from sources deemed reliable and are furnished subject to errors, omissions, modifications, removal of listings from sale or lease and to any changes in listing conditions including prices. Any square footage and/or dimensions set forth are approximations. For cooperative and condominium properties, the complete terms are in the Offering Plans available from the Sponsor. Time Equities Inc. (TEI) as leasing or selling agent and/or asset or property manager for the Sponsor/owner will direct all inquiries to the appropriate party. Securities offered through Time Equities Securities, LLC, member FINRA. Time Equities Securities and Time Equities, Inc. are affiliated companies. Time Equities Inc. is a Licensed Real Estate Broker.