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Time Equities Residential activities are concentrated in two units: the Time Equities, Inc. Residential department and Time Equities Brokerage LLC. The Residential department serves as a sales and marketing consultant to Time Equities, Inc.'s Acquisition and Development department, provides Asset Management and Project Management services for residential properties in New York and New Jersey, specializing in the conversion of rental buildings to condominium and cooperative ownership and commercial buildings to residential use. Time Equities, Inc. is the selling and rental agent for the vast majority of the residential properties in the portfolio.


Time Equities, Inc. commercial operations span from our NYC and national office portfolio to our nationwide retail and shopping center portfolio flex and industrial spaces. Originally focused in New York, we have successfully expanded our business to include opportunistic investments of all kinds throughout the United States and Canada. With an experienced team of managers and staff overseeing more than 15 million square feet of flex and industrial real estate, TEI creates value by executing business plans through hands-on leadership and an invaluable network of local partners.

Time Equities, Inc. commercial operations span from our NYC office portfolio to our nationwide retail and shopping center portfolio. Orginially focused in the New York area, we have succesfully expanded our business to include opportunistic investments of all kinds throughout the United States and Canada. With an experienced team of managers and staff overseeing more than 15 Million SF of commercial real estate, TEI creates value by executing business plans through hands-on leadership and an invaluable network of local partners.

Commercial Mortgage Brokerage

Our Mortgage Brokerage department stands on the foundation of strong relationships. These relationships endure throughout the complexities of the financing process, while withstanding the changes in the lending environment. We offer cooperative underlying mortgages for co-ops and foster long-term relationships between the mortgage broker, borrower and lender. Whether you are a property owner, developer or cooperative, we can provide you with the competitive financing in today's market.

Acquisitions and Developments

The Acquisitions department is responsible for quickly and accurately analyzing potential propertyacquisitions, development feasibility and deal structuring. Time Equities professionals carefully manage sourcing, acquiring and financing along with every other facet of the acquisition process. The Acquisitions department is focused on ensuring that each acquisition and investment meet a rigorous vetting process comprised of market research, due diligence and proper financial analysis.

Design and Construction

The Design and Construction department has LEED certified licensed architects experienced in design, renovation and construction of both major capital items and the interior design of commercial and residential buildings for Time Equities' properties, as well as for interested third parties. The department is responsible for competitively bidding projects, coordination and supervision of various trades in the construction industry and working with a variety of engineering professionals as required.

Our range of work extends from a single kitchen, a single apartment, to full building residential conversions, additions to existing buildings and commercial interiors, halls and lobbies. We also provide design consultancy services to development projects locally, nationally and in Canada. The department works to provide efficient, aesthetically pleasing results utilizing the latest in design and product knowledge in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our goal is to help our clients reap the most satisfying design and fulfill their goals while respecting their budget.

Property Management

As a full service real estate company, Time Equities, Inc. is well suited to meet today's property demands by providing comprehensive real estate services. Our Residential Property Management department offers professional management of cooperatives, condominiums and rental properties throughout NYC and its surrounding boroughs. Our Commercial Property Management department is able to directly manage properties, and at other times performs as the asset manager, overseeing outside leasing agents. In addition, Commercial Property Management offers leasing to qualified third parties.

Investor Relations and Equity Division

We provide a variety of investment vehicles for both large and small investors, including the marketing of diversified income funds offered by a network of broker-dealer firms, income and opportunity funds and preferred equity fixed income vehicles. The department raises funds for investment projects as well as provides information to current and potential investors.

Rents Administration

Our Rents Administration department is responsible for collection of residential rent, maintenance and common charges. As liaisons with our tenants and condo/coop unit owners, please feel free to contact our deprtment with questions in connection with lease renewals, billing of monthly charges, lease security deposit refunds, legal notices for non-payment of rent or illegal use of apartments. In addition, we handle annual building registrations and rent-stabilized rent registration.

Greengineers and Sustainability

TE Greengineers provide technical and strategic consulting services in the areas of buildings, operations and sustainability. Greengineers work with building owners to reduce energy costs and improve comfort in their properties. The priority is developing finance solutions to fund the cost of building upgrades, to bring savings to our clients. The vision is a world full of comfortable tenants, profitable landlords and low-energy buildings. Greengineering services are available to developers, real estate companies, corporations, property managers and large commercial tenants.

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TEI is committed to enriching the experience the portfolio through Art-in-Buildings, an innovative approach that brings contemporary art by emerging and mid-career artists to non-traditional exhibition spaces in the interest of promoting artists, expanding the audience for art and creating a more interesting and pleasing environment for our building occupants, residents and their guests. In addition, the inclusion of art in both residential and commercial buildings has added value and appeal to the participating properties.


At a cost that is less than the amount outside law firms would charge, our Legal team provides quality legal representation to TEI clients. Our Legal team handles acquisitions, sales, leasing, financing and refinancing, co-op/condo conversions and litigation, as well as supervision of outside counsel. Staff attorneys are licensed in New York State, New Jersey and Massachusetts. The Legal department is tasked with informing all parties and departments within the company of their contractual obligations in order to ensure compliance, including compliance obligations for private offerings by TEI Securities, LLC.

Human Resources & Office Management

We focus on company recruitment, office management and providing services for the people who work in the organization. We offer our full-time employees health and profit sharing plan benefits, as well as access to Flexible Spending Accounts for health, childcare and transportation. As part of our Offices Services team, we define and communicate office policies and procedures and provide for consistency in their application.


The IT department oversees computer hardware, software, phone systems, company Email and equipment by working with our asset managers to see where technology can help save money on properties. The IT team will continue to work with each department to meet their individual needs.


The Accounting department is comprised of two sectors: Accounts Payable/Receivable and Tax and Audit. The latter is dedicated to providing excellent service and to increasing voluntary compliance with employment tax laws through education, simplified reporting processes and the promotion of fair business competition. The Accounts Payable and Receivable department includes highly organized, professional, analytical and adept problem-solvers who coordinate with clients' needs to create a mutually beneficial payment strategy.


The insurance department is responsible for obtaining the appropriate insurance coverage for all properties managed by Time Equities and is responsible for administering all property and liability claims. Time Equities is often able to achieve coverage at a less expensive cost than generally available to individual owners.

All information and visual representations are from sources deemed reliable and are furnished subject to errors, omissions, modifications, removal of listings from sale or lease and to any changes in listing conditions including prices. Any square footage and/or dimensions set forth are approximations. For cooperative and condominium properties, the complete terms are in the Offering Plans available from the Sponsor. Time Equities Inc. (TEI) as leasing or selling agent and/or asset or property manager for the Sponsor/owner will direct all inquiries to the appropriate party. Securities offered through Time Equities Securities, LLC, member FINRA. Time Equities Securities and Time Equities, Inc. are affiliated companies. Time Equities Inc. is a Licensed Real Estate Broker.